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  • No-one:

    TC Electronics: Ya know what would be great? If you had a USB socket on your compressor pedal so you could hook it up to your PC and tinker endlessly with baffling settings and reassign the knobs to control parameters that are different from the ones they are labelled for.

    Whyyyyy? I just want some squashing.

  • fuckinell, I publicly posted my baby-sick stained fat dad midriff twiddling away specifically for the gratification of this nerdthread and you cold buggers leave me hanging. Think i'll take it down before the wags of yourtubez start commenting on my moobs or the state of my living room. *flounce (not really)

  • It just sounded shit Dooks....

    Ha! No, good stuff, curse your nimble fingers. Sounds fab... making me ponder a neck 'bucker in mine.

  • I liked it too! Sweet stylings...

    No neck bucker tho', Rick!

  • You're probably right, I love my Lollar Tele neck. Saved from the brink.

  • Fuck you all for making me fish! Xx

    Spent ages last week trying to decide which old school distortion pedal I need. Decided it’s a Guv’nor. Met a mate at the pub last night and he mentioned “oh my mate gave a pedal he found in his garage... Marshall something or other...” *shows me the pic. fffffff... seriously!!?

  • Make sure it's a Made in the UK mk1, I tried the Made in Korea version and it wasn't as good...

  • I'm having Tele envy. Nice sound!

    I had a Guv'nor years ago. Looked like it had been dipped in Hammerite. Not exactly subtle if I remember.

  • Not sure I can persuade him to let it go to be honest. Although I have agreed to set up his guitar so...

  • I found a boxed OG one out here for only $100, I was too skint to grab it so I told my Jugend brother about it, he jumped on it and it was lovely to see him using it the other week... Wish it was mine tho'!

  • Thanks for this, just learnt how to play Sheela-Na-Gig properly. Not difficult, but y'know...

    Also I can recommend playing a 12-string guitar to improve technique going back to a 6-string. Feels like my left hand is stronger and my right one more precise. :)

  • Man, internet build your own guitar shite is a rabbit hole of epic proportions. I'm absolutely going to have to build a Tweed Deluxe now too. Don't need one but I'm not going to be happy again as a middle-aged guitar fondler without having poisoned myself with flux fumes and gotten bit by a capacitor or two....

  • It's such brilliant fun. I built a small 1watter with Vyse Amps over the course of two or three days. Proper old school gentleman. I recommend it. It's not online but his knowledge and expertise is invaluable.

  • This sounds lovely, any pictures? I'd love to build a <5w with 15" speaker for playing 8-string...

    I've also just ordered a new headstock decal for the 8-string and I'll be ordering a set of Instrumental Pickups singlecoils for it so it's soon going to be a big 8-string Strat and I can't wait!

    Instrumental Pickups in Oakland Axe Factory SS8

  • You crazy djent guys are flippin' crazy... 🙄🤘😂🙏

  • Not of mine but his designs are here:

    It's brilliant fun. He's proper old school. And building your own amp is so gratifying.

  • How djare you! The last thing I want it to sound is djent 😅

    I'm essentially a regular guitarist with no bassist friends...

  • Have you thought about learning the harp?

  • That would be lovely, I've actually fooled about with them before and enjoyed it no end! Same goes for lap/ pedal steel guitars.

  • Another year or two you’ll be on the Zithers. Seriously though, that’s dead cool - would love to hear what you play on it. I’m barely in control of 6 strings!

  • Oh - I borrowed a green THR10 for a bit. Love it! Have to say, I don’t really need or want any of the effects but the blackface and bluesbreaker tones are great and in a sign of encroaching old mandem, I really dig my strat through the flat channel.

  • Dude. Wash your breasts

  • Just watched it now... As much as I approve of some of the things he does it's still a massively lame channel...

    Sorry... Not sorry...

    I'm being a horrific bitch... And not for the first time... #yourdawesgalaxyfixehishit

  • Seriously, I had to turn off but only because I've been playing that Thunders version since I was a teenager... That isn't his fault, we should go out for a beer with him...

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Guitar Nerds Anonymous

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