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  • I've got the Classic 2 and it's perfect, I've got ten pedals on it...

  • Ordered a t-style neck - Partscaster build imminent! Well probably not as I've got to wait 8 weeks for the neck and I don't have cash for the other bits yet....

    Neck is a 60s profile, quartersawn maple with stainless 6150 frets. Very exciting. Shipping unfinished and I'm going to Tru Oil it.

  • I just became a patron of that page. He's been responsible for my learning so many new things over the last year, felt it was only fair to chuck a few quid his way. Plus... backing tracks!

  • Glad to see he's put Thunders' version up, one of my favourite soundcheck tunes...

  • yeah dude!

  • Great page, I’ve been playing September Gurls from it and currently learning Needle of Death.

  • He certainly picks some killer tunes... My default setting is to hate all YouTubers but he's gotta be OK if he's a Big Star fan...

  • Yeah, I like him. He’s got some great tunes up there, not the usual dross.

    Beginning to have trouble remembering how any of us learned guitar before the internet. I think it involved one of my mates scribbling the chords for ‘Screamager’ on a scrap of paper, and off you go.

  • By listening to your favourite tunes over and over and over again then painstakingly trying to copy them note for bloody note!

    Such patience... Puts you in good stead tho', I can figure most things out by ear pretty easily now...

  • Same, on a shit guitar as well. I had my mum’s old 1960s nylon-string classical that I played until the bridge popped off, then a dreadful Sunn Mustang strat. I’d have done anything for something like a modern-day Squier, I’ve been so impressed with what they’re making these days.

  • See that was my downfall. I'd listen to a tune to death then try to figure it out whilst playing along, probably fail to get it quite right then spend weeks trying to figure it out on my own (which often involved failing to even acknowledge the existence of things such as capos or alternative turnings). I'd then end up with "my version" of whatever it was which was inevitably slightly wrong. But in the absence of the internet or anyone to really tell me i had it wrong, my crap half-remembered versions of stuff would get so stuck in my brain and fingers that I'd find it impossible to unlearn the shittiness. God bless the innternet, youthtubez and Adrian for putting me right.

    I really need to unlearn a lot of badly misremembered Hendrix stuff next I think.

  • Neck arrived. Took one look and sent it back. Shit fretwork, gaps all along the skunk stripe. What a disappointment! Hope they do a better job with the next one....

    2/1 they fill the gaps, finish it and sell it as prime on their website.

  • Disappointing. Where did you order it from?

  • This thread got me looking at pine tele bodies on StewMac. Now I want to build an Esquire with a Bigsby.

  • If you fancy building one, I've not looked at kits for a while, but Precision kits were really highly rated a couple of years back.

    I think the necks they come with are fully finished and they're a bit cheaper than going StewMac / Warmoth.

    Ben at Crimson has also started making kits and bodies, which I imagine are pretty decent too:­tar-t-type/

  • Esquire B-bender and you got yoself a deal, my man!!!

  • Look at this dickhead

  • ^ Don't desecrate this thread.

  • Could never vote for him, playing above the capo >>>

  • I'll PM you if you like - probably should wait to see what the replacement looks like. I was pretty surprised they'd let something out the door that sloppy. Looked like they'd left it for the YTS trainee after a couple of pints at lunch....

  • RIGHT! I have a free couple of hours. Going to install the new Tele bridge pickup. Issue is that when I installed the Seymour Duncan neck I had to reverse the polarity to prevent it being out of phase, now i'm installing a new SD bridge I'll have to either reverse that as well or revert the neck to standard. Can't decide which is less hassle.

  • Saw Charlie Cunningham (and BLANc) at the South Bank last night - his guitar playing is incredible.
    Really makes me want to get a decent nylon stringer­Wt4

  • Ha! Nice. yep it was just wiring back to front. Sounds amazing. Been skiving and playing all day.

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Guitar Nerds Anonymous

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