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  • nice! is it the blue one you got?

  • Yeah. No idea what the finish looks like in real life. Would probably prefer a traditional Jnr finish, all things considered, but this doesn't look bad at all in the pics and was the only colour left at that price. They seem to have sold out now. The new replacement model puts the output jack on the side, which is much nicer, but also bumps the price to £749...

  • I do really need shot of the DG-3 and the Telecoustic now though...

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  • I just tried a Squier Bullet Mustang - £109 posted for a 24" scale guitar with high output humbuckers. It's definitely a bargain, but also obvious where the money was saved: poor neck finish, some paint flaws, some cheap hardware - all fixable cheaply enough. A few reviews mention poor intonation but the one I played was fine straight out of the box.

    The 12" radius neck was a surprise - I thought this demo

    was hilarious, but it does feel quite shreddy! (Time link doesn't work on the embedded player - skip to 2m30s for the full effect.)

    Disappointingly, the overall guitar feels like a toy compared to my 1998 CIJ Jaguar. That's a delight to play, and I don't believe this ever would be.

  • I’ve been considering a bullet, but a Tele, so I can have a cheap guitar in the lounge that I won’t mind if it gets abused by the kids. I’ve seen a few reviews saying that The Bullet models have better hardware and tone than Affinity models, which is weird considering the difference in prices...

  • Yes. TheGuitarGeek on youtube compared the Bullet Mustang and Affinity Strat, favourably to the Bullet. They seemed to have a similar level of finish, but better quality electonics and tighter neck pocket on the Bullet.

  • Ugly as sin tho', IMVHO... They are supposed to sound great, I guess you can't go wing at that price, the 2015s went down as far as £299 IIRC...

  • I bought my wife a Squier Vintage Modified Mustang for her first guitar. Lovely thing. Needed a proper setup, but plays beautifully.

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  • What a nice man, lovely guitar... ❤️

  • Does anyone have a Line 6 DL4 they would like to sell me?

    I've owned two and sold then regretted both. Third time I'm not going to sell once I get one.

    Happy to trade for a TC Flashback II and cash if you still want a delay/looper but just a smaller one.

  • That looks great. My interest in the Bullet was that it's HH; very different to what I have. It's missing all the switching that your wife's has too - more a Duosonic than Mustang really.

  • Anyone want a four-guitar floor stand thing? Yours for a couple of beers, collection in E7. PM me if interested.

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  • I'm in E7 and would quite like this.

    PMing now.

  • Sweet. PM replied.

  • I'm looking at getting a Fender Stratocaster, to play some Hendrix and Frusciante type stuff and generally to improve my playing by doing something a bit different from what I play at the moment. But, I've not been part of the buying/selling cycle or bought a guitar for 20 years, so I'm a bit clueless.

    Does anybody know if this is any good for the price?­mexican-stratocaster-2001

  • Anyone interested in this? £50 collected in Birmingham or I can split the postage elsewhere?

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  • If I had that sort of money for a Strat I would probably buy a Tokai instead:­­%2F312594335817­­%2F202646842971

    That's probably just because I've decided that 1980s Japanese copies of American guitars are my thing, but they're highly regarded for the price.

  • A couple of other places I would recommend for looking for good value guitars:

    UK Guitar/Amp/Gear Exchange group on Facebook forum

  • I'd be tempted to get a lefty just so I can flip it over and get that authentic Jimi sound... That one looks fine, MIM Fenders get a bad rep but I can't see why...

    I've got a late 70s Tokai Silver Star and can confirm that it's bloody ace, cost me less than £200 twenty years ago and it isn't worth that much more now...

  • If I had that sort of money for a Strat I would probably buy a Tokai instead:

    Is that because the MIM Fenders aren't that great? I was mainly looking at a Fender as it seemed sort of right if I wanted a Strat to get a Fender one, but they get quite pricey.

    I've looked at a lot of the selling sites, but there's basically too much choice! I just wanted a tobacco sunburst Fender Strat and once I started looking the list is endless, and sometimes with eyewatering prices...

  • I'd be tempted to get a lefty just so I can flip it over and get that authentic Jimi sound...

    I'm not that interested in authentic Jimi... I'm playing a Gretsch Synchomatic 400Cv which is a beast and er, quite far from a Strat.

  • Get whichever one makes you happy then, the more you love it the more you're gonna play it... I don't think there's been a better time to pick up well made, inexpensive guitars...

  • No, not at all, I think I'd rather just have a guitar made in the 1970s or 1980s if I could and I really like the Japanese ones and their weird names.

    I've got a Breezysound and a Super Axe, and I would love that all-black Silver Star.

  • Thanks for the tip, just got a bargain pedal on GAG exchange.

  • Very old Reader's Wives pic, it's got a set of vintage 60s Mick Brierley pick-ups in it now... Not sure I like them as much as the originals tho'!

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