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  • Just been trawling the Wunjo and Regent Sounds websites but they don’t seem to list the s/h stuff.

  • That is lovely. Proper surf green with the tortoiseshell pickguard is a legit unsung classic.

    I picked up a Triangle Nano Fuzz from EHX yesterday. Goddamn it is a beast of a pedal. I've owned a lot of fuzzes over the years but it's the most 'three dimensional' of any that I've owned. It drags so much nuance out of my own jaguar that it's a total pleasure to play.

  • New old pedal day... Reverse reverb here we come, perfect recreation of the Hardwire RV-7 except it also allows you to mix some dry signal in there... Ignore the chorus bit, won't be touching it... 😂

    Fifty bucks!!!

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  • I already posted this in the music producers thread but thought here is probably a better place:

    I'm after a looper pedal. Does anyone have any recommendations?

    I'd like to use this with a guitar and a mic (and sometimes a mic on my saxophone)

    Is there one you can use with a mic and a guitar. There must be.

    I'd like nice sound, not lots of features. Not loads of money.

  • I found this quite a good guide, but I just bought a Boss RC-1:­p-pedal-should-i-choose

  • US Nashville B-bender Tele just turned up on an Aussie FB sale group, brand new and only AU$1,250... Sounds too good to be true... Looks like it's sold/been pulled...

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  • BTW Not sure how big a fan I am of that MS70 CDR, it doesn't sound so great with my crunchy clean tone... More experimenting needed...

  • I'm still really hankering after a uni-vibe of some sort. Anyone got any hot tips?

  • Have a nose at a DryBell.

  • Nasty.

    Is there nothing they won't licence for merchandise?

  • Scott, Tom and Nuno? What the actual fuck are they doing?

  • $25,000, $30,000, and $35,000 for the Tele, Jag, and Strat respectively.

    Who would buy one, and why?

  • Tom is clearly off his chops on coke if recent video sightings have anything to go by. Can't comment on the other two.

  • They're probably all already sold. I'm in to the dragon scale CNC effect and the 1st fret silver inlays on all of them.

  • Yay, 12-string guitar purchased! By some stroke of luck (and not very good ebay listing) I bagged myself a barely-used Takamine JG72CE-12 for less than half retail price. It's a beauty, but also an absolute beast. Makes my Sigma 6-string look like a ukulele! Time to do some finger exercises...

  • That B-bender got relisted yesterday, some twat trying to flip it with an extra $500 on it... Not cool...

  • That's so shitty.

  • Saw this today and couldn’t help myself. Not played for 7 years, time to learn again.

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  • Very nice! Is this a 90s Japanese one, or are they painting headstocks again?

  • One of the CIJ 97-00 jobs. Super clean. The shop offered to trade out to a Mustang bridge so I’m grabbing it in the week.

  • Pedal Empire? You still in Brissy?

    I had a lot of problems with bridges, had to put a Staytrem in to get mine to play at all... That was after trying standard Mustang and Jag bridges, tread carefully!!

  • Yep. Not leaving without a passport in hand!

    Troubles with strings hopping off or buzzing? Hopefully I won’t need to fork out for a staytrem.

  • Absolutely beautiful. Personally I found no problems with the standard bridge as long as I used the thick as fuck strings it was designed for. Got 13s on my CIJ and no problems with popping or buzzing at all.

  • Same. Never had any problems with stock bridge, skinny top heavy bottom strings, Eb.

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Guitar Nerds Anonymous

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