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  • So, 250k or 500k pot on my Mosrite clone? I'm not an electrics expert...

    I bought a 500k Alpha but my guy has a 250k he can put in... No tone circuit, just volume... Vintage style soapbar P90, so not crazy hot...

    He was polishing today but isn't happy with the finish so more coats are going on, week after next maybe... So excited...

    PS Bad Mongo gig went pretty well last night, super nervous playing in front of a bunch of very partisan Turbonegro fans but they all loved it... I'll be wearing black next time, I'm totally over indigo denim...

  • Nice! I've been eyeing up Jaguars lately, my first proper guitar hero was Rowland Howard so I've always wanted a white, post-CBS Jag...

    There's a great band out here called Some Jerks, saw them a couple of weeks back and they rocked so hard... Their guitarist plays a lovely Squier Jag, beautiful playing and sweet tone...

    The guy digging his own grave in this video is my new friend, Simmo, hardcore Brisbane TurboJugend and super sweet guy... The rock'n'roll scene out here is brilliant!

  • Ignore me, he plays a Jazzmaster... 😳

  • Just ordered a Decibel Eleven Hot Stone Deluxe for power supply duties, looking forward to finally building up the pedalboard!

  • Guitars, for the most part, should always be white (or TV yellow)... One's clothes should always be black... Turbonegro wear blue double denim, it's a stage thing... Wish I didn't have to, black denim next time...

  • Damn! Now we can really surf! :)

  • Anyone after a new head at all? £225 so I can buy a new frame :)
    Orange CR120h Solid State head. Orange spent a long time getting the tone right before releasing a solid state so this sounds really good and is much cheaper
    Will throw in a black orange cover and cab cable
    Pick up East London

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  • HELL YES. Been rejigging it for the last few days and it is sounding surftactular. Will ping something out to get the next date in the diary.

  • If you want my opinion, start buying products of a good quality and tone because they will last for longer and you will enjoy your time with them more.
    You may need a year to get everything you really like but it really worth going on this direction.
    I bought a T-Rex delay just by listening to youtube vids and reading reviews and I have regret it, although it is considered generally a very good company. Now I am looking to buy a better delay because it doesn't give me what I really have in my head

  • If you do the paintjob ask for Nitro Paint. It f@cks the environment but will look good.

  • ^Nitro cellulose lacquer. thinner finish than poly, sure there's loads of woowoo and vintage fetishisation out there and better alternatives these days but the received wisdom was that a nitro finish allowed the wood to "breathe" and resonate more. Mainly though it will age nicely and develop a pleading patina. won't necessarily look any different new.

  • Got new wood.
    Ovangkol neck with a gonalco alves fretboard.... Stainless steel frets............. , nearly finished rebuilding this.

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  • The back is gorgeous.

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  • I was reading recently about Nitro paint and "breathe" is not an accurate terminology at all. Since the tree is chopped, all the wood is considered dead nature after some weeks when it dries completely.
    What happens, is that because Nitro is very very thin, it allows the wood to resonate more than other "heavier" paints as you said.
    Regulations in some industries do not allow the use of Nitro paint anymore as it is harmful for the environment (i.e. Cars).
    Maybe it ages better because it is thinner so you don't get massive chips in the areas that you place your hands and body more.
    Gibson used Nitro colours so that's you see nice aged Les Paul's and I am sure other manufacturers did the same.

  • Nitro is lovely but not sure how it can be justified these days, it's very dangerous for the person applying it as well as also being awful for the environment...

    Tim at Tym's uses two-pack these days... I don't know what my new guitar is being finished with, I'll have to text the guy and find out...

  • Does anybody have a guitar cab for sale? I am looking for a 1x12 to match with my new H&K head. Ideally I would like an orange with Celestion V30.
    On the same note, does anyone owns or have used the harley Benton 1x12 with the Celestion V30?
    Thomann has the cab for something like £80 (around £90 is only the Speaker on the market).
    Any feedback is welcomed.

  • Am flogging my 1x12 Blackstar 112 if you're interested in something that's not Celestion. They're £150 new, I'd sell for £70.

  • Can't help you with one that's for sale but both the guitarist in one of my bands use the 2x12 version of that HB cab - they're both happy with them.

    I would say they're not the lightest cabs in the world but they seem solidly built & sound pretty good.

  • Weight is not an issue, as I want the cab primarily for home use. Thanks for your note.
    @BleakReference I am not that interested in Blackstar cabs at the moment. thanks for your reply though

  • Ha that's great. Good shout, really nice sound too.

  • I believe that the lacquer you get today is not quite the same as the car industry stuff that was banned in various states in the 70's.

    That said, I'm spraying some at the minute and it's still pretty horrible stuff.

  • Yup, almost home time... 🎸⚡👌

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  • And tonight will be soldering night!

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