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  • Sorry, I missed this is it still for sellz?

    Ps your new amp is lovely.

  • It is for sale still, yep.

  • That's an extremely tempting idea! I'll look into them!

  • @sparky gorgeous amp, glad you managed to get it converted.

    my finger tips are cursing me this morning, heavy session last night after many hours of practice this week, focusing on technique around pentatonic blues scales, hammer-ons, pull-offs, bends, mordents across the fretboard.. also jacked up metronome beats.. plenty of homework too

    i suppose that's why i have a guitar tutor.. finger stretches, warm ups, tune ups essential.. the strings are getting very worn, need to replace the lot.. the fender strat is a beaut for learning though

  • My favourite pub moved. Gravity only, real ales, many many ciders. Coke in glass bottles for the kids. Cheese and onion rolls where both cheese and onion are roughly the thickness of my watch.

    Bloody love the place. Proper characters. (The Turk’s Head by the way).

    The new premises feel just like the old ones. But. And it is a big But.

    They are now two doors down from my dealer.

    Warm sun, few afternoon pints. Raggie is £450 poorer (and really pissing off the neighbours).

    First electric in thirty five years (very much an acoustic chap). Now I have to go down the pedal rabbit hole too.

    Fucking pub.

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  • That’s looking like being an expensive pub to visit on a regular basis. You may have to get yourself barred from one or the other…

  • Anyone upgraded or clearing out and has some BOSS pedals to move on?

  • Looking to move on a big muff if interested?

  • I have a couple that I’d sell - what are you looking for?

    Have a Tera Echo and a CS-3 compression sustainer that I’d part with, maybe some other stuff.

  • I’m a total pedal virgin. Pure playtime for me! Since I started playing in the early eighties I’ve only played acoustic (or plugged acoustic into an amp to make louder acoustic).

    If cost is reasonable so that I can recoup if they don’t suit me then I’ll have both?

    Drop me a PM?

  • Ah, got you. Might not be what you need to be starting off with but I'll PM you. I might have something else that suits.

  • Hi buddy,

    After a bit of advice from @Regal looks like a big muff may be a good starting point for me.


  • Sure, shoot me a PM - I'll chuck in a power supply if I have one spare.

  • Thank you - lovely action as well - not stupidly light (I have huge hands and buzz things easily).

  • Loving the LTD so far - like a kid with a new toy, put in more fret time over the last week than for the last six months!

    Electric is a whole new thing (for an acoustic boy like me) have to be so careful not to bend strings and pull notes sharp. They are sensitive little buggers aren’t they!

  • (Deleted)

  • On the topic of LTDs. Anyone want to buy my LTD EC256FM in see thru black? Criminally under used, just don't have time. £350 and I'll include a simple padded gig bag and the stand in the photo.

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  • Just picked up an ebay Strat body (unfinished, unidentified but very lightweight wood) and a load of bits including a pickguard and knobs for £35. Project ahoy!

    I've watched the first two parts of the Stewmac aerosol finishing series... fuck me the guy presenting it (none of the usual lovely Stewmac dudes) is beyond annoying. I'm watching it, taking notes, appreciating the information but all the time thinking ARGHHHH! DIE DIE DIE! Honestly, he's insufferable. Hnnng. Anyone here tried rattlecanning a nitro finish on an electric? Looks like a bit of work, but i'm game.

    Also, I need to start browsing necks, pickups and bridges. I'm thinking:

    • sonic blue
    • rosewood board
    • reverse 70s (big) headstock
    • classic bridge and trem

    haven't decided on pickups yet. Will keen an eye out for s/h bargains. Stuff comes up all the time.

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  • Anyone here tried rattlecanning a nitro finish on an electric?

    I’m in the middle of doing my fifth one. I’d strongly recommend getting your cans from He also has a bunch of useful how-tos and FAQs.

    Your body looks like poplar, or maybe basswood? You’re probably looking at one can each of sanding sealer, primer and colour, and maybe two cans of clear.

    You’re right that it’s a bit of work - but it’s totally doable. Just take your time, and pay attention to the temperature and humidity.

  • Here’s a swamp ash Tele Deluxe that I’m working on, I sprayed the primer today.

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  • That neck looks awesome. Good price as well. I’ve got one compound-radius neck and it’s easily my favourite.

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