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  • I’d measure your neck relief and action, see if adjusting those would help. Also, make sure you aren’t wearing the guitar too low that you’re having to hook your wrist under the neck.

  • Thanks @rodan I will look into that. The Fender Strat is road worn and may well need adjustment / correcting. Posture is important, hand, elbow and guitar position etc. during practice.

  • Wet Leg have the coolest guitars. Anyone have a link for either?

  • Yeah it’s the Noventa Tele and JM.

    Fender seem to be very active in sponsoring indie bands, or at least flowing them gear.

    I’m a fan of Snail Mail, and Lindsey Jordan’s American Standard Jaguar.

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  • Pics of the new Bass VI with a cheapy Mustang for scale:

    I can see why Bass VIs aren't for everyone - they are deeply weird guitars - but I absolutely love mine. For deep, primitive, unpleasant riffs, they are unbeatable. Expect a few heavy bands to pick them up and make some absolutely repulsive sounds with them.

  • Looks cracking.

  • Thanks doods.

    Looking fwd to hearing what filth you can conjure Breeklefs

  • For some reason i'm on a massive Van Halen jag at the moment. I've set myself a project of learning Eruption properly. It's slow going but i'm getting there.

    The way i'm doing it is starting at the beginning (duh) and learning each section reasonably accurately... then just having a wild swing and a miss at the rest of it for fun. I've pretty much got the first section down now complete with fake-out dive bomb done on the tuners. That's taken me about a week to get reliably repeatable.

    Then there's the big chords into the really high 17th fret Am pentatonic bit with some whoop-whoop whammy bar stuff. That's gonna be tough to pull off on a Tele. I think that goes into the tremolo picking bit. That's pretty east tbh. Just need to make sure I hit a few key bits on the way down.

    Then there's the 5th fret Am chuggy bit with lots of random little widdle-widdle hammer ons popping out all over the place. I think i've kinda got most of that already. Then it's the tapping bit. Yikes.

    The tapping bit is gonna be fun. I've never really done any tapping other than ironically and ineptly to annoy my indie/folky/punky band mates. I don't really have the muscle memory or hand strength at the moment but it's coming. Slowly. In terms of patterns it's actually dead simple. It's all one picking pattern and all on one string. It's just matter of remember the moves and keeping it going... both of which are beyond me at the moment. It starts so well then just sort of falls apart as my memory and stamina fail.

    Video evidence will be provided when I reckon i've reached my limit.

  • Mission stalled while I pick up the acoustic to rehearse for my first gig in years...

    This is the source in case anyone else want to beat (it) me to it.­8Co

  • Best of of luck with your gig @Fatberg-Dooks I’m sure you will blitz it :)

    Eddie Van Halen and Eruption, good work hope you get back on track soon.

    Last night after a spell of being under the weather, my teacher put my practise note book to one side with plenty of praise, he then converted all of the pentatonic scales, chord shapes into classic known riffs, even dabbled with a few hammer-on percussive feed back moves, pull-offs, horse kicks, heaven’s heels with me on my newly annointed Les Paul.. at times it felt like I was playing across the road in the park by the greenway. I mustn’t neglect the Strat which needs a full MOT..

    ..however the Les Paul felt so good after months of bashing out practice on the Strat, less musical, more prescriptive wax on wax off routine but now starting to hear results.

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  • Question for hive mind - I've been teaching myself to play bass again for the past 18months/2 years after a 20-year break.

    I can't afford lessons but want to start playing with others to accelerate learning and for it to be more fun alongside keeping the music book and YT sessions going. Music should be played with others, right?

    What's the best way of seeking people to jam with? For context, I've recently re-located so don't have much in terms of social networks/people I can just ask and I'm a bit nervous about rocking up at a jam night as don't think I'm there just yet in terms of ability or confidence.

    Any advice/thoughts?

  • Local guitar store may be able to help or an go along to an open mic night and try and hook up there?
    Are there any practice rooms in the area? They may have contacts.
    On a non musical note a chap relocating from Yorkshire to our area just put a post onto the village Facebook page asking for info on local clubs. I ended up providing him with routes he could ride safely during lockdown 1 and he rides regularly with us now. You could do the same on your community Facebook pages.
    Oh and where are you? There maybe people on here who live locally.

  • Try search Facebook for musician groups in the area maybe?

  • @Nahguavkire @Alan_tbt

    Thanks both. Always forget about Facebook so will start there!

    (Am in south Worcestershire so all a bit rural)

  • Try Guitar Nerds Group on Facebook, lot's of lovely helpful folk there who might be able to help!

  • What's the best way of seeking people to jam with?

    Simply go to Johnny Depp's house imo:

  • @dsalmon finding a local band is a brilliant way to develop and grow as a bass player. best of luck and please let us know how you get on.

    guitar solos in my back garden soon with amp completely jacked up, I need to annoy couple of neighbours, the ones who generally have large / loud parties in their back yard, even during lockdowns until 2am

    edit: i also want to find a group of jazz musicians to play stuff like this in the summer­ZzU

  • Simple solutions always the best!

  • Harsh. Sounds fun to me.

  • is ok. It’s full of all sorts of shit, or at least the listings around here are, but interesting stuff does crop up.

  • Anyone after a good home practice amp? I have a Blackstar HT1 in good condition that I need to sell because a new amp is on the way. Tube amp, with digital gubbins as well. Sounds good even at low volume. £125

  • New amp day - although it's from 1963.­

  • Oh this is a lovely thing and it sounds great! I'd love something like that for the living room, it absolutely knocks the socks off a Katana!

  • I need your suggestions...

    I bought a set of Fender Yosemite Telecaster pickups after hearing a review for the American Performer Telecaster and thinking the sound absolutely gorgeous...


    A year later they're still in the box and I don't have anything to put them in so I'm in need of an idea...

    I had considered the following:

    • Jazzcaster build with Snakehead or Telecaster neck
    • Telecaster Doublecut with Snakehead neck
    • Ibanez AZES

    I want to build something around them though and I don't particularly want a garden variety Telecaster...

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