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  • ah that looks spot on – I guess Jed could do with some SEO help, didn't crop up at all in my googling!

  • The neck pickup only p90 equipped LP flat top has suddenly started playing up. It's really quiet but can be temporarily "fixed" by tapping the pickup. I know very little about guitar wiring but can solder and have the tools to do so but am concerned that I could make the situation worse. Is it worth giving it a go knowing that I could take it to a tech to put right or should I just go to the tech straight off the bat?

    Also where would be a good place to find wiring diagrams for such stuff?

  • Jed's Peds are great - their DIY kits were a revelation for me during lockdown - but they are a small outfit run by a couple from their shed. Their Facebook group is really helpful though if you're looking for advice

  • Sweet. I’ve ordered an enclosure for my double muff and have stuff a few kits on the old Christmas list 🤓

  • I'm very much inclined to have a go myself before spending money, especially as it sounds like it might be a loose connection. There's no harm in having a look for anything obviously dodgy.

    Most of the online retailers have wiring diagrams e.g.­itar-wiring-diagrams

  • Cheers, I normally dive in and have a go at fixing things without thinking much with (usually) good results but........ never had to do it with my guitars before. Being able to find a wiring diagram makes the thought much less daunting.

  • I was watching YouTube videos of old bands this morning and noticed this (apologies for poor picture quality - screen shot of a digitised video shot in the 70s is never going to be that good). I'm intrigued by the offset looking pickups on the LP style bass but can't find info on what they may be. Anyone got any ideas?

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  • Ronnie loved weird basses, that's a Tony Zeimatis...

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  • Thanks, never heard of him or his guitars before. Looks like I've found a new rabbit hole to dive down!

  • Love Ronnie, he wrote one of my all-time fave tunes (as well as many others I adore)!

  • Finally redone the snare beds on the Sonor snom I made out of an old rack tom and it's an absolute monster!

    Have reluctantly advertised on Reverb but secretly not going to be at all upset if it doesn't sell...

    Also... Epiphone Twelve Paul Jr. just arrived and I'm in love! It does have a suspect looking crack at the neck heel which I've messaged seller to know if it was there before or if it's from shipping but it's an easy fix and I'm enjoying it so much I don't really care too much if it needs a small repair.

    Immediately ordered a pair of D&D dice knobs so I can live out my John Dwyer cosplay fantasies.

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  • This strat-tele hybrid looks amazing!

    Only available in Japan in limited numbers though. £880 notes anyone got any idea how much I'd pay on import duties for that?

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  • That pickguard situation calls Burns to mind

  • Overall looks less Strat and more ‘51 P-bass… but that is definitely a Strat body.

  • Any Talmam short scale bass players on here? I'm looking for a budget bass and it looks pretty fun. Any alternatives you'd consider (not Fender)?

  • I've got a Danelectro Longhorn, it's terrific for recording and, after seeing a mate play it onstage a couple of years back, it does the business live as well...

    And they look amazing, obvs...

  • I’ve been looking at Gretsch Junior basses as they look good fun and decent for the price.

  • Ooph, that's so dandy (in a good way) you'd have to get dressed up just to play it. I'd love one of those when my kid is out of his destructive phase.

  • Yeah, that does look good. Double the price of the Talman, but I can see why. I've got a Jim Dandy already, Gretsch's budget stuff is pretty decent.

  • Also have found a Talman and small amp for £150 on FB, seller based in Hereford so not too far from me.

    Have just moved house and Christmas approaching so can’t afford it but bargain. Will find the link and I could collect and bring to London.­m/226474036191266/

  • Very tempted to buy this Fernandes body that's for sale near me, original gold finish, comes with a scratchplate and a back plate... I've got a neck plate, a set of pickups that came off the Tokai which sound truly unique and the neck off the Squier CV Jazzmaster which will be available shortly... I'll just need a bridge, harness, socket, trem block and springs, control and strap knobs...

    Should I? It'll look amazing...

    The only issue is the neck pocket is 2mm longer that a standard fender neck pocket, shim the end of it and hide it under the scratchplate? Will that work? Proper Frankenstrat...

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  • Picked up a pedal tuner on Saturday, last one in the shop, Ibanez big mini. Never considered the fact that it might be limited to 9v supply only!

    I was planning on running pedals on battery only, but now that my pedal collection has gone from 0 to 3 in the space of a weekend, I’m wondering if I’m as well to just pony up for a small power supply and strap everything to a plank of wood.

    What are my options for a decent budget power supply?

  • DM me dude, I have one that is surplus to requirements.

  • Dick Dale vibes! Do it!

  • I'd say it's likely it'd most likely fit fine - the main thing is they've both got the same scale length (25.5"), so the neck should work.

    However, is there maybe a small risk if the neck pockets are different lengths that you might have to plug and redrill the neck? If the body is expecting holes in the neck 2mm one way or the other it might leave you with a scale length +-2mm in one direction.
    Also, lower risk, I don't know it you can rely on the Fernandes neck pocket being the right depth for a Squier neck.

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