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  • Just catching up on all this. Oddly enough I was out with a buddy last night and talked him out of buying the origin 5 on the basis that it wouldn't do what he needs well enough. He needs a decent clean tone to work alongside live drums. My view based on owning a class 5 and finding the clean sound very ho hum, was that he should look for used vox or fender.

    I would say that for what Colm98 needs i think it's probably the right choice. Amazing value package really. Congrats dude.

  • EHX Holy Grail also a good option if you can find a nice used one

  • That new JHS three series Hall Reverb sounds quite good for around a ton as well. The original three series Reverb is also nice, but weirder, I use it on synths and drum machines.

  • EHX Holy Grail also a good option if you can find a nice used one

    I regret selling mine... And for what seems like half the going price these days. It used to really sing in a mellow way with high fretted stuff on my jazz bass and with low stuff on the drop A guitar. I've no experience using it with the jangle of a tele though...

  • I picked up a Keeley Caverns for £110 second hand when I was looking for a reverb pedal. It's nice, but I do wonder if I'd have been happier with the Holy Grail (my first choice) as it's simpler. At the time more knobs for my money seemed more good. If you're in that camp then it's another option.

  • I've got an SF-300, it's such a fun pedal to use. It's almost a crime that they're so cheap.

  • Im thinking of selling my Blackstar HT60. Its just way too big. Sounds great but I havent even explored it above 2 or 3!
    Ive got it gritty withaster vols and dist pedals and all that but I dunno, its just not allowed to gallop. A brisk trot of a tone lol.

    Not advertising it, I got it for about 165 so dont wanna spend more than that on a 1/2/5w all valve amp that I can turn up and grin without a knock at the door or stamp from the flat above, you know.

    I want a good clean t0ne, I have an EMG HSH washburn and a SD5 LP copy.
    I like it quite mellow with low end but a balance when clean. Not honky, I have a wah for that!
    I also play a lot of aggressive stuff on the LP, an FX loop would be nice. Doesnt need a dirty channel, would like an EQ and a headphones/line out.

    All advice encouraged

  • Buy my Blackstar HT1 for £150

  • you'll be wanting something solid statey if you want ear goggles.

    Check out the Orange Crush range.

  • Even up to Leeds? cryinglaughinemoji

  • I dont want the output for headphones, I just want an output so I dont have to mic it.
    I know that flies in the face of 'i wanna feel the valves, maan' but I want both.

    I have a Marshall VS230 which is SS.
    I need valves (Im sure I dont but I havent got to use the HT60 much but it deffo is a better sound than SS)
    I quite like those yamaha modelling amps that look like art deco radios but for entirely different purposes than what I actually think I need for now.

    I've been looking at their Terrors, but the only one you can get below 20w was the dark terror thats like 250 second hand (poor boy here)

  • go full bloozdadbosskatana and fuck the h8rz

  • I recently got a THR5 because I can’t use my Tiny Terror at home as it’s way too loud. Been v v happy with it, despite needing some coaxing to drop that much cash on what I viewed as not much more than a toy.

  • I know it’s over budget but this is a bit of a steal at £230ish with the code…­kstar-s1-10ae-series-one-10th-anniversar­y-combo-amp

    Single-ended, KT88… They have a really good output with cab sim that is headphones or line out. So you can crank it silently. Though I don’t think it’s doing any loading or anything. Also at 10W it’s too loud to crank in a bedroom, realistically.

    They’re very good sounding amps IMO. They also did a 6L6 version and an EL34 IIRC.

  • Anyone interested in a US Telecaster in sunburst? I'm looking to sell mine. It has a couple of dings, so it's not mint, just a great guitar that you don't need to treat with kid gloves. Looking for £800 and anyone's welcome to come and have a go. I can send pictures too.

  • In case anyone sees/hears anything, Palm Reader were robbed tonight on the way down to the Garage:

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  • I see there is 15% off all JHS stuff at Andertons for bl*ck fr*day which seems pretty good, especially on the three series stuff - includes the new hall reverb pedal (cc @Colm89 ):­edals/jhs-3-series-hall-reverb-pedal

  • Nice one for the heads up but there’s a used hall of fame for sale here locally that I’ve 2nd dibs on so hoping to get that

  • Would anyone be interested in a second hand MXR Dist+? Nothing vintage, should be either late 90s or 00s. Have not used in a while and looking to try and pick up a couple new pedals, so that might fund the change 🙂

  • I spotted a nice looking dreadnought in a charity shop this weekend. Didn’t have my phone on me so couldn’t check out the details, but paid £100 on spec because it seemed really nice. Anyway I reckon I’ve got a bargain! It’s a 1971 Yamaha FG 180; a bit scruffy but it plays beautifully! Well chuffed!

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  • Cor! Well done, looks lovely

  • That’s the kind of find I hope for every time I go into a charity shop. Nicely done!

  • Nice! All I seem to find are copies of the da vinci code and blue harbour cargo shorts.

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