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  • I can see why - you open up a budget guitar and often the wiring is awful, bad soldering and wires hanging onto terminals by a thread. If I was buying something like a Squier Classic Vibe (only picking on these because I recently setup a friend’s one), the first thing I’d do would be to shield it properly, completely rewire it and upgrade all the electrics, including pickups.

  • Just had the pleasure of seeing @rickster and his lovely Tele accompanying Siobhan Parr at the Pelton. Perfect Sunday evening fare and such a treat to hear him play again - such sensitively and with real colour. Lovely stuff.

  • Thanks so much dude, awesome to see you x

  • After a ~15 year hiatus, I’m ready to pick up another guitar, but I’m a bit lost on what the go to “starter” kit is these days.

    I have a budget of about €500 to get myself set up for home practice, and was thinking of squire affinity strat and Marshall origin 5, because I’ve always longed for a small valve amp.

    Is there anything better worth considering?

  • Highly recommend a Harley Benton Tube15 as an alternative to the Marshall 👍

  • If you need to spend a little less on the guitar, I've been fully impressed by the Squire Bullet Mustang - a completely giggable little guitar for around a hundred bones.

  • Looks great but was hoping to keep the wattage lower so I can push it harder at reasonable volumes

  • Good to know. I’d probably prefer a strat or tele style, are the bullet strats any good?

  • if you get a class 5, make sure you get one that has the low pow option or the mod. they are still loud as fuck.

    [edit - sorry i can't read. i'd recommend the class 5 over the origin 5]

  • If they're built the same I'm sure they are but I've not played one myself to verify. Worth trying out if you get a chance.

  • Can second the Bullet Mustang recommendation, I bought one as my son's first guitar and was surprised how decent it is. No issues with it.

    I wonder whether having a trem on a guitar that cheap might be asking for problems, but maybe not. Definitely try one if you can.

  • I'd be tempted to get the Vox AC10C1 at €399 (€100 off!), I know that blows your budget but they are fantastic little amps and you won't ever need to upgrade it!! Great little rig for that price...

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  • Ah it's got a 1W switch, which very useful. The onboard reverb is good too.

    I'd also be tempted to get a 2nd hand affinity. There's tonnes for sale near me for <£100 - obviously new players who have given up.

  • That Vox looks great.

  • Yeah would love the vox but it’s just slightly more than I’d like to spend right

  • Get the Vox and the Bullet, you'll only be €40 over your budget! That amp is a superb deal, seriously...

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  • Ha ha, while I get that it’s a buy once and buy right sort of thing, the budget is a strict 500 atm with baby number 1 due any day now, and the snob in me wants an affinity squire (probably a tele now given the fair point about tremolos on cheaper guitars) at a minimum.

    The budget also has to include an immediate string upgrade, lead, picks, stand, etc, as I’m literally starting from scratch.

    The current amp choice is somewhere between Marshall origin 5, Marshall dsl1, or that Harley Benton tube5 or tube15.

    If I keep at it into next year a vox ac15 is the goal.

  • Shite as I remember the amps being, maybe I’d be as well to buy the affinity starter pack for €285 and upgrade the amp next year if I keep at it? Or is that false economy?

  • You pays your money and you takes your choice! Only you can decide that, mate... Those Squiers are such good value that I'd take advantage and buy a better amp, upgrade the electrics on the guitar down the track...

  • Not tempted for something from ebay? I think I got my little Marshall MG15 DFX for about £30, (albeit a few years back).

    Edit: I also know you want a Strat, but I'm always slightly suprised at the cost of the Epiphone LP Jr and Studios - seem pretty decent value (and I do like a Studio...).

  • I’ve had an AC15 for the last few years - if you’re planning to use it mainly at home, you’d probably need an attenuator to get a decent sound at low volumes. The AC10 probably better in that respect.

    upgrade the amp next year if I keep at it? Or is that false economy?

    A nice amp sound is one of the things that keeps me engaged and wanting to play more. Cheap solid-state amps can be a buzz-kill, and reduce the chance that you’ll keep at it.

  • I agree, crappy guitar into a decent amp will always sound better than vice versa... IMVHO, obvs...

  • Gotcha, will leave these in my basket for the day and agonise over how to hide the extra cost…

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  • I would look at Facebook marketplace for a guitar ‘pack’ in that case, then upgrade as required.

    I also have an AC15 and it is large, heavy and loud! Sounds amazing though.

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