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  • Thanks man. Concussion is not fun.

    Absolutely the right choice. At least it’s the one I would have gone for as well.

  • I bought a D28.

    A while coming. I'd been thinking about it for ages and then a sprained ankle means I can't run/swim/hike for a bit, and I had a day off work that needed using. I booked an appointment at Peach Guitars (who had two of them, and a D18) and tried them out, and this one was the winner. The other two were better (easier) players, but this one just sounded loads better. Surprisingly so, in fact.

    Pictured next to my Epiphone as I was A/B testing them the next day to make sure it actually did sound better (yes, loads). It's an excellent smell, too.

  • Lovely. A really good Martin is an amazing thing. Lifetime guitar there. Congrats!

  • Woo! Nice one. The D28 is what I’d go for too, if I could do it justice. Can only imagine how it smells with all that rosewood.

    @Fatberg hope you’re feeling better soon dude

  • Very nice indeed, grats.

  • Cheers all. Really not what I expected to like (I almost ordered a 00-18 a while back after reading the whole internet/watching all of YouTube and learning that that was best for me), but when it came to actually playing them? Yeah, D28. No contest.

    I also didn't really believe the 'cannon' thing, but I was wrong about that, too. I'm more of a mellow player but this thing's a monster if the mood takes me.

    @Fatberg get well soon.

  • I have considered, and abandoned, anodised gold, bronze, gold plastic, black, tiger stripe, etc etc etc....

    You forgot pearloid! 🤮

    I'm sure it'll look great, once it's on you'll forget about it... Mojoaxe have some very nice stuff tho' it's a bit on the dark side, not sure if available as a sheet...

    Lovely bass, makes me miss my long gone white MIJ Jazz medium scale... Electrics were shit but it was great when it worked... It let me down when we had a couple of shows in Paris, someone came through with a full scale 70s Precision with a monstrously high action... I was grateful for the loaner but not a very happy bunny, such stressful gigs! Screw full scale basses!!!

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  • Ouch, hope you're all good, Al!

  • concuss myself by dropping the loft ladder on my head

    Eesh, feel better soon dude. And if things start going weird don't hesitate to call in the medical troops. Concussion is a funny bugger.

  • Nice work, I love your Vibro Champ!

  • Update on the SG, I A/Bd it with my P90 offset Tele… drastically different tone. The Tele has korina body and neck and a rosewood board, as well as P90s so you'd think it wouldn't be that different, but nope, the SG is just exactly that classic rock™ tone and the Tele sounds like a (nice) Tele. The Fender P90s in it are very underwound, which I knew, but yeah. SG is quite a bit hotter and bassier. Might record a brief demo, don't laugh at my playing.

  • Sorry, haven’t caught up on thread action for a few days because job. Will check back later but in the meantime… BIG STAR!

  • Adrian is one hip kid... 🖤

  • Got another piece of wood and strings, Mrs Y is well happy "but you're a bass player!?"
    By miles the best guitar I've owned (cheapo les Paul's, Epi SG, cheaper Jackson RR, couple of Yamahas and Epi 339) and just feels amazing, but what's with the bell plate not having recessed screw holes and the screws sitting proud?
    Need an excuse to play this loud now!

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  • Noice...

    OG TR cover was non-countersunk with domehead screws...

  • Nice, the black plastics look great on that.

  • So crisp, lovely...

    Brilliant set-up and fretboard stain by Matt's Guitar Service of Morayfield... He does such great work... Fretboard looks much better now, it's lost its anaemic pallor... 🙃

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  • Can anyone recommend a good classical guitar repair person?

    I had a stupid accident with my Alhambra 4P and have a crack clean through the sound board.

    So sad

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  • Man alive, that's a good looking guitar.

  • Congrats on the Elpee @Yukirin!

    And that 335 is looking the tits too.

  • Where are you based? John Proctor in Nunhead performed a repair to my nylon-string that I was very happy with and would certainly recommend...

  • Thanks for that. I'm based in Brighton and SW London, so I can venture that way if needed. Have sent him a message

  • And that 335 is looking the tits too.

    Ta! It's the smaller body Epi 339 with the hotter and tapped pups. My first proper guitar hero was Jonny Greenwood so everything is preferred in Sunburst!

    Finally sat down with the pedal board this evening, though I'm woefully short on decent patch cables and any kind of finesse in routing. Some of these must be coming near 20 years old.
    But I reckon this will be my layout for stoner/doom vibes, might swap the blues driver for the MD2 Distortion for more variation. I'd like to squeeze a big gazey verb in too, but I've got the lexicon rack mount I could use which could more than fill that roll.

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