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  • Looks like the “68 Custom” reissue? With the Bassman tone stack on the custom channel.

    Just looking at the specs now. Bassman channel, real spring reverb, real tube tremolo. Lovely.

  • I would love a little collection of Fender amps like the Deluxe, Princeton, Vibrasonic, etc... Shame they're so pricey, I'll be getting rid of the Marshall stack at some point and would love a little Fender wall to replace it... Hard to find that stuff out here...

  • Everybody's getting lovely things.

  • It’s the 68 reissue. I had a look at the 65 reissue as well, which is lovely and clean and spanky, but the 68 starts to break up a little earlier which is what I was after. Got a good price on it too.

    It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to my Vox rig, but it’s just too cumbersome to cart up and down three flights of stairs at home to take it to practice. Incidentally, if anyone’s interested in it before I put it on eBay, let me know. It’s an AC15 head, and the cab is 2x12” with a pair of Weber Blue Dogs in it. It’s probably not that heavy, I’m just puny.

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  • I haz nek...

    Is this the baritone conversion? Can’t wait to hear how it goes. What’s the scale length, and how will you be tuning it?

  • It's 27" and I think I'll be tuning to B... If I wasn't waiting for the pickups I could've left it with my guy today when I dropped the Jag off... I'm really looking forward to messing around and making some dark pop on it!

  • Would love to try one of those. I love my OG champ and Vibrolux, but Vibro is just too loud for home playing really. I’ve always been a sucker for the SF fenders. Looks awesome. Blue light too!

  • Fuck, that Vox rig is hella sexy!

  • Picked up this beauty the other day.

    90s Sorrento, always been a fan!

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  • That's lush

  • Vee cool. This thread has upped its game of late.

  • Nice! and the JM in the background?

  • A bit of advice required about lessons. I started with a local guy a few weeks ago.
    He didn’t ask what I could do and don’t ask what I wanted to do. So far I’ve had 3 lessons.
    Lesson 1 started a finger licking sequence,
    Lesson 2 the jam that’s entertainment
    Lesson 3 van Morrison brown eyes girl
    The lessons are 30 minutes, invariably they last longer but none have started on time, one was 20 minutes late.
    With my lesson of skill I don’t get very far during the lesson, there’s plenty of him showing his skills and a complex version of what I am trying to do.
    Is this normal? I’m 7 months into JustinGuitar and I must admit to getting on well with online but I have a tendency to pick things and I can do and can get going with quickly.
    Is it worth persevering with the in person lessons (or it takes more than 3 to know if it will work) or should I cut my losses?
    Another option is to cut from weekly to fortnightly to give me more time to get the skills embedded as at the moment I feel as if I haven’t got it nailed before the next lesson.

  • Get a teacher who's more suited to what you want. Mine took the first lesson to assess where I was, what I wanted to achieve, that sort of thing. Then lessons are crafted towards that, and go as fast or as slow as I need. There are longer projects and shorter ones, but they all kind of tie together and I'm learning a new bit of theory with each one. I can recommend mine, but he may not be in a convenient spot for you. He's also not the cheapest. DM me if interested.

  • Lovely!

    @Alan_tbt Your teacher sounds like a cock, in the bin... Maybe all you need is YouTube? Adrian on Anyone Can Play Guitar is great, check him out...

  • or try skippybollocks.

  • That's well nice. Love the super sharp cutaway.

  • So I was watching the latest JHS Show and I bought a Kaleidoscope right away... They've got loads of stuff at 30% off on Reverb right now... Can't wait to try it, I'm getting all my guitar jollies with reverb and delay at the minute...

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  • It’s so funny, every time an episode drops you can watch the reverb listings for whatever he’s talking about sell out in real time. I did the same with my Lunastone Blue Drive, went straight to reverb and got a nice deal, and all the other listings were sold within a day.

  • I've never done that before... Loved the way it sounded when he played it, checked a couple of other videos and still liked it, looked for a used one on Reverb but Jupiter had a sale on brand new ones so bought one!

    It all happened so quickly, I feel so dirty...

  • I don’t want to harsh your vibe, but I bought a JPTR FX ROYGBIV in one of their Reverb sales. A couple of months later, no sign of it and no communication. When I emailed, they said the PCBs hadn’t been delivered yet, so the pedals they were selling hadn’t even been built. More weeks of zero communication ensued, and I ended up cancelling and buying one from Andertons. Genuinely hope they’ve got better at this stuff since.

  • Appreciate it guys, love playing it. Meaty enough but still feels very thin and comfy.

    The JM is a squire vintage modified that was my first electric. Can never let it go, been working on the internals as of late too.

  • Just watched the episode, agree, sounded great, getting Cramps / Horrors vibes from it.

  • I'm gonna be keeping my foot on that middle button ALL THE FUCKING TIME... 🤪

    I really liked the delay and the Tonebender as well but I somehow managed to restrain myself... Gotta pay for my pickups next week, already over budget for this pay fortnight... 💸

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