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  • Hey @Fatberg! Our next thing is at the Morden in Greenwich this Friday, but not the duo, more a birthday bash/soul covers jam with drums, bass, keys etc. It'll be chaos, hopefully in a good way. Hm. After that though, nothing booked.

    In other news, come Nov/Dec I am playing bass on a few dates with Alan Tyler of Rockingbirds fame... he has a new album coming out. I am slightly thrilled about this 'cos I love some of his songs sooo much.

  • Oh niiiice! I love the Rockingbirds! Will see what I can do about Friday… might be tricky for me tho.

  • Honestly do skip it, it'll be rammo and I'll be too stressed about getting the PA to work to have fun. Another time/place for chat and lols.

  • Sounds great!

  • Great news about the Alan gig!!

  • Isn't it neat?! Did a bit on the album too!

  • It's awesome, Alan's a proper songwriter... Many happy memories of getting totally bladdered with him down at Meet The Folks! Hope he's slowed down a bit... 🍻

  • Ding!

  • @rickster was there as well!! The amount of Guinness we used to tuck away on a Sunday afternoon in Camden, blimey!

  • Anyone seen the new fender player plus range? mexican fenders and the basses start at £1k 😐

  • Yeah. It's not doing it for me. Garish finishes, 12" radius, noiseless PUs (active in the basses), still pau ferro rather than rosewood… not my thing.

  • Payday! Baritone neck ordered, now we wait and see if they'll actually send it out to me... 🙄

  • Suh-weeet!

    My power supply arrived yesterday. Gonna plug it all in today. Hoping the Nobels will arrive this morning as well as everyone is out and the neighbours have builders in so it's open season on cranking the BIG AMP*

    *not that big.

  • it lives!

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  • Looking sweet, are you going to try replacing the tubescreamer with the Nobels?

  • Love it! Serious skronk set up... 💥

  • Gonna try it in that function yeah. Logic behind the order is:

    1. FF has to go first. It's really there as a glitchy, sytnthy ripping fart noise gernerator as opposed to a trad fuzz.
    2. Uni-vibe needs to go before normal drives.
    3. Comp before drive too. After drive just magnifies hiss and noise and diminishes volume too . much. It's a parallel jobbie so I tend to only blend in the compressed signal. It's great for clean stuff.
      4 and 5. Are the core of the main drive sound. What i want is more neutral-full range drive thn the TS9, set to low gain to use as a stand alone "mostly on" thing then to be able to push the front of the Klone which I like set to a higher gain. As both the TS9 and the Klon are mid focussed, both together can get a bit too honky and nasal. It's a cool sound but you wouldn't to be hearing it for a whole set.
    4. Muff, which, I know should go further up the chain, but I find that the OD's into the muff tame the low end and push the mids in a way that i really like. Of course I can always just use it on it's own for WALLOFFUZZ stuff.
      7-11 is all standard utility stuff.

    Will look at a better multi-button delay next. I'd like to be able to have a slapback on hand and then be able to switch to or add some lusher or weirder stuff.

    Also got half an eye on a more versatile reverb. The Holy Grail is really only there for home use as my Champ doesn't have any reverb.

  • Big Muffs will happily go anywhere in the chain it seems.

    I’ve been playing with delay a bit and decided that it’s worth having separate delays for slapback (carbon copy mini) and longer more vibey stuff (DM-2w).

  • I have just lost a happy hour and half making blurpy fuzzed out loops. Fun fun fun!

  • Nice. I really need to get a looper!

  • I find that the OD's into the muff tame the low end and push the mids in a way that i really like

    The sludge / stoner dudes always used a RAT or a tubescreamer into the muff for that reason - challenge the scoop!

  • We supported him at what's cooking' in leytonstone a couple of years back. Absolute gent and some great tunes!!

  • Are you left footed?

    Not seen a tuner on the far left before! Not a criticism btw, i'm just so used to seeing them bottom right

  • I know, but boss pedals have a buffer so it should go after the fuzz face. I figure why not at the end of the chain?

  • New toy has arrived. Too late to crank tonight, but will have a cheeky go later.

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Guitar Nerds Anonymous

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