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  • Ah, mine didn’t. It did come with plenty of sticky back velcro though.

  • I bought mine used, so it’s possible the mounting kit wasn’t supplied with it. I think it’s one of these.

  • Nice. Thanks! Yeah looking fwd to being able to tidy away the cables. My current board is just a big square of mdf covered in Velcro. Spaghetti city.

  • Yes indeed.

    Tony’s a tinkerer, his guitars that he actually uses are so specific, and I’m not surprised that for these Gibson left the zero fret away (and a bunch of other stuff). They just look like a really nice SG Special, wax potted P90s, hand wired, orange drop caps etc.

  • Love that.

  • I’ve notice a load of bootlegged footage of some amazing Hendrix gigs popping up lately. Hoping there’s gonna be a legit new release soon. Albert hall footage is siiick.

  • That looks amazing!!

  • Not enough flutes in modern music

  • Apparently there was a theatrical release of it a few years back. Intriguing. I love the looseness was of it. He looks so fucking relaxed just jamming and going with the flow of people wandering on. The way he moves is mesmerising too. Like a fucking space rock dance wizard.

  • Yeah, I love the cast of characters wandering on with their instruments and joining in. Noel Fielding carrying the congas out and adjusting the amps. And the uniformed bobbies keeping an eye on everyone.

  • Hondo had a broken pickup selector switch. Looks like it was from 1984 so I suppose that dates the guitar. Replacement fitted, with an eBay poker chip.

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  • Front.

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  • That looks way more expensive than it should. How does it sound and feel?

  • It sounds good plugged in. But the setup is awful at the moment. The nut is sitting loose and the slot for the nut is too wide for a standard Gibson one. So I'm sanding down a sliver of rosewood to take it down to a standard width. Then I'll need to finish cutting the nut and setting it up. I suspect it'll need fretwork so when I get to that point I might summon some confidence, buy some new tools and have a go. I've fretted a new neck but never had to do much levelling or crowning. But it's been a fun project so far.

  • Pedal power supply snap deal from Donner £16.99 shipped

    Arrived at work end of last week and picked it up today. Shipped from Germany, not UK like it said. Doesn't feel like its made of cheese which is promising! I'll plug it in and start trying some pedal arrangements on the board in a few days and report back.

  • My amp has the option of adding a footswitch to control reverb. I've been reading and I think this will work with my (non-Laney) amp:­Button-Footswitch-Amplifiers/dp/B071FQG3­W5/ref=dp_prsubs_1?pd_rd_i=B071FQG3W5&ps­c=1

    However, I could just make one right? Is a simple on/off footswitch easy?

  • Is there any reason why you were looking at a dual footswitch? I'm assuming you would have needed just the one? If that's the case you totally could make one, literally a spdt (or dpdt if you want an LED) which opens or closes contact.

    If it's a case of controlling the reverb on separate channel my guess would be you'd just need to wire it for use with a stereo jack. The two switches would then share one contact (let's say the sleeve) and then one channel would use the tip and the other the ring, again making or breaking the connection. Hope that makes sense?

  • Keen to know how you get on when you get round to wiring it all up! I was tempted to pull the trigger on one but then reminded myself I'm not gigging or anything at the moment and stood down, but been looking at those for a while and I'll want one in the near enough future I'm sure...!

  • I think I want a baritone guitar, what's the best way to try at home before buying? Chuck some heavy strings on an existing guitar then tune down a few steps? I know I'll have to get a proper set-up, it might be a fun way to get a bit more out of a couple of guitars that aren't seeing much use...

  • B to B on a standard scale would need some very heavy strings and filing the nut I would think but it ought to work… C to C might be a bit easier I guess. And starting with a Fender scale length rather than Gibson.

    Those silver Gretsch baritones are quite good looking and the Squier baritone teles look alright too, they’re popping up a lot recently. Almost like they’ve hit on a way to sell another guitar to people who already have enough guitars…

  • Almost like they’ve hit on a way to sell another guitar to people who already have enough guitars…

  • I’m still slowly working my way towards a bass… Anyone with opinions about the Squier CV stuff? Or Mexican/Player? I want P style or PJ, like a Jaguar bass. Though I was listening to a demo of the Epiphone Jack Casady and I thought that sounded great.

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Guitar Nerds Anonymous

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