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  • I've been keeping a lookout for one of those (not handwired tho' 🤑) for a while, prices are so high!

    EDIT: Found a cheap one at Cash Converters, I'm driving down that way on Thursday... Hmm... 🤭

    I really miss my AC15... Sold it for only $500, only paid $300 for it but they're going for waaaaay more now... Always the way...

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  • Always that way man. Well, almost always. I've done well on my Fenders (in theory cos i'm never selling another one).

  • I've been practicing 80s hair metal middly widdly widdly again. With added EVH Horsie shenanigans. Fun fun fun.

  • I have a Vox AC4TV, the slightly cheaper white one and it's a very decent amp, especially considering I paid £150 for it. I did a quick side by side with the Ac4C1 and I must say the C1 did sound a little better, probably a better speaker as much as anything as it rang a bit more and had a bit more clarity to it.

    Ended up picking up the TV as I found a cheap one on eBay but have contemplated swapping for a C1 on and off since. Must pop into a store to A/B them again at some point. Or maybe not and put more cash in my savings...

    @Alan_tbt did you end up pulling the trigger on that delay? I always get more excited than I should about cheap pedals. Speaking of which, I think I will be getting myself a Moskey Silver/Gold Horse off Aliexpress after hearing it A/B'd with some other stupidly expensive Klones...

  • No I didn’t in the end. In general the reviews around the delay time were very mixed. I figured I’d be better off waiting and getting something a little better (may only be the next model up)
    UPDATE - on the Donner site the Fall pedal is now £26.99 rather than the £30 it was last week (the price on which they based the 50% discount)

  • I looked at a pedal board on that Donner site last week and was puzzled that it came with a roll of “mountain tap”. Damn you auto translate.

  • Dusty Hill RIP. Bummer.

  • A second hand Memory Toy is probably one of the best value analog delays you can get at the moment I’d say, love mine though it does not hit the heady highs of my old wooden box DMM...!

  • Put 10.5s on the Tele today… needed a fair twist of the truss rod to compensate! I think I like it though, at least on that guitar.

  • My main pedalboard has been fucked for a month, starting a new job has meant I haven't had the energy or the inclination to troubleshoot the problem... Was talking to a mate earlier, total GASbag convo, anyway... I decided I was gonna make a mini board with just the bare essentials... And, voila! A totally accidental TC Electronic board, the only weak spot is the delay cuz the Space Echo is, quite frankly, fucking unbeatable... Woop, I can play electric guitar again!! 🙃

    PS I'm totally addicted to this compressor, don't ask me why, it just makes everything betterer...

    PPS What's a Space Echo-ish pedal in a compact format?

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  • Boss needs to make this for real...

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  • NUX make a dirt cheap mini pedal called Tape Core that riffs off the space echo look…

    Keeley do a nice one called the Mag Echo but the prices start to climb pretty quickly.

    Boss DD-200 is a really really good delay pedal and has tons of settings including tape (which is probably very close in sound to the classic Boss unit, because it also has other Boss algos like the Tera Echo), but is probably overkill. Cheaper than a Strymon Deco or whatever though.

  • I also finally picked up a modest Pedaltrain pedalboard and PSU mounting kit this week, probably going to whack something together this weekend and have a play. My first real pedalboard…

    First challenge is to figure out whether I want the Iridium on the board and/or powered by the same supply… it takes two of my eight outs though so limits my other options. Would make things a lot easier for home use though.

  • Small is the new big... 🙃

    Can't wait to see yours built up!

  • I really like that!!

  • Same, it sounds really nice. Has less of the ambient sheen that the Strymon has, I think it sounds more natural.

  • PS I'm totally addicted to this compressor, don't ask me why, it just makes everything betterer...

    I feel like this about the Keeley Compressor Plus. I need to dial it back a bit on the Tele-Tele but on the P90-Tele it feels like a no-brainer.

    Ta for pedalboard encouragement btw, I did a few exploratory dry layouts the other day but I’ll see what makes sense when it’s all plugged in… my problem is when I’m mucking about at home I’m constantly changing stuff so I’m not sure what my go-to choice of 6-8 pedals looks like, really. Easy enough to change I guess.

  • Easy enough to change I guess.

    That all depends on what you do with the spaghetti on the side nobody sees... I did a real number on it last time which made it almost impossible to diagnose what the problem was, got fed up very quickly...

    Can you customise the length of power cables? How do the pros do it? It always looks so neat on those boards...

  • Yeah, I'm going to leave the power stuff a bit "loose" for the time being… it's unlikely to leave the room for a while. I have some of the flat Ernie Ball patch cables in a few lengths which seems to make the signal path part pretty easy (also the board is big enough that things aren't butted right up) but the (Voodoo Labs) power cables are all the same length so I'd have to get busy with the cable ties to not have everything dangling underneath like a rat's nest.

    I think the "pro" stuff I've seen on the youtubes is all custom cut to length, though there are some solderless solutions maybe? Dunno. Not looking to get into that just yet.

  • I’ve got some cut-to-length power cables that the chap who sold me his used Truetone CS12 threw in for free. They work ok, and are solderless, but can be a huge faff to set up. I wouldn’t be buying them if I hadn’t been given them.

  • Just found some on Google, they're not cheap, are they?!? It's the logical next step after custom patch cables... If you're an awful GAS merchant like me it is anyway... 🙃

    Found that NUX pedal for sale near me, gonna go demo it later... Only $150 so will pick it up if it's half decent... Tho' that's exactly what I paid for my barely used Space Echo!!

  • Sounds a lot, they're £57 from Gear4Music here. Is this the Australian gear price explosion I've been hearing the synth guys grumbling about?

  • You're absolutely right, they're $119 online... Will see if they'll do a price match, I'll get it online otherwise... It's not a particularly good music shop, so no guilt...

    Used stuff has gone through the roof, it's been very difficult to get a lot of things during the pandemic but I don't think that's been limited to Oz...

  • Been demoing Guitar Rig 6.
    Had a few problems.
    Every tone sounds really thin and masses of reverb.
    Any tone.
    If thers a delay on it its just a wash of noise, feedback if you will, almost a kill dry sound...
    Im using a focusrite scarlet.
    I have win 10 and an i7 laptop
    I can only get noise out of it in reaper (never ised reaper) Guitar Rig 5 always worked fine!
    I miss my amp :(

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