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  • Yeah - mine must be from around then too. Bought it when they came out and never really gelled with it. It’s spent most it’s life in a cupboard.

  • The Pedal Movie is out. Pretty decent, I enjoyed it. Maybe a little over-long by the end, but they crammed a lot in.

  • Many years ago, well, around 1994 there was a decent sized guitar shop, I think called Guitar Exchange in Birmingham, I think the Jewellery Quarter. I don't suppose it's still around?

  • Yeah shhhhh.... don't tell anyone, but I found mine a bit ho-hum. Maybe just because I have to play at living room levels these days so I never got to crank it. Never mind.

  • My old buddy build himself a garden shed studio over lockdown, properly insulated and has kitted it out with drums and amps and the whole lot. Can't wait to get up there with my amps and pedals (and some recreational herbs) and spend a day cranking out some filth.

  • My dad had one that I guess is in the family home still somewhere. I’ve used it quite a bit to add layers to records, usually where one might put a dash of 12 string acoustic or something. They sound awesome.

    Only advice I could give, is that that example I have always found really hard work to play, even if the results are rewarding. I’m not sure if that’s due to the action and tension being suited to slide etc as is your intended use though

  • Nah it's gone. I bought my first first there in their excellent 2nd hand section! Epiphone LP Special 2.
    There used to be several great guitar shops but almost all are gone now.
    Fair deal music is ok, and guitar guitar. There's a tiny shop in the JQ that specialises in Japanese electrics.

  • Prices on seem to be much higher than on eBay. Is there a particular increase in the time/hassle/fees for listing on reverb vs. eBay, as I've only used the latter?

  • Happy NGD to me! I spent a very happy hour or so in Hobgoblin music in Birmingham trying out the different resonators on offer. I went in there with my heart set on a trip-cone resonator, full metal jacket (body) but ended up with this gorgeous mahogany model. As jackbepablo said, I found the full metal guitars hard to play - very heavy, a lot of string tension and although they sound great they are a bit harsh - All in all not ideal for just sitting around and noodling along to Dave Rawlings records. I'm not ruling out a future purchase for some Son House style rowdy blues... Anyway, very happy with this. Sounds lovely, feels good, looks fab. It's a Regal RD30. Would recommend.

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  • That’s an absolute beaut. I love resonators.

  • Cool guitar! Post a clip!

  • Amazing. Always wanted a resonater. Might start looking again....

  • I like how happy it looks. Good name too

  • Oof, lovely. I’ve been eyeing up resonators, from my perch of ignorance. I like the look of this Gretsch:

  • Looks amazing! What are those glitter balls?!

  • Quick shout out to Modulus Amplification, who sent me some parts super-fast and threw in a few extra lock washers so I could get playing again.

  • All the resonator talk got me curious, had a little dig around for single cutaway resonators and came across this beast. Maybe if Employed To Serve want to do a Code Orange-style acoustic session they can swap the Bass VIs for a couple of these...

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  • @greenhell how are you getting on with the sg- much easier to play than the gretsch?

  • it's far easier to reach the upper register of the fretboard on the SG - the Falcon is to all intents and porpoises an electro-accoustic which means it's got a stonking great heel where the neck meets the body - this means anything from fret 17 and up is gonna require hands like plates to access. Not that i spend much time doing meedely meedelys mind you, but the SG is easier to play in that regard. SG does have that patented nose dive while the falcon is perfectly balanced, even if it is a bit like leaning on a kitchen counter.

    Where the Falcon sounds like church bells on a country morning, the SG sounds like Satan himself trying to force a sandpaper covered 2x4 up his hoop. it's so angry!

    you on the lookout?

  • Ok - you asked for it...
    To get my excuses in early, I recorded this last night after a couple of beers. Also just getting into slide. Also I'm not very good.

    The glitter balls are like little speakers - sound holes I suppose.

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  • That's a thing of beauty! The recording sounds great too.

    Made a purchase myself yesterday but absolutely nowhere near as exciting... a £40 reverb pedal off AliExpress 😂 Sounds surprisingly good in many YT demos and should be fun for some ambienty/shoegazey stuff. Will report once the month long wait ends and it finally lands on my door mat!­Ghw

  • This one in the same vein also sounds surprisingly good for the money:­ouE

    £50 on Amazon, should be cheaper tho as it's $50 in the US.

  • I saw some of that guy's demos of cheap pedals while looking into that one and there's a surprising amount of decent enough very cheap pedals. I wouldn't be surprised if many of these digital ones share the same 'brains'.

    I was very surprised to see how cheap the new TC is, quite basic but looks an amazing deal if you are after a simple and not over the top verb. Which is exactly what I wanted though!

    Got a few spare evenings this week and might build up a buffered TB blend-type pedal for my Yamaha R100 since this tinkering got me wanting to play with verb more again...

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