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  • Good to know, and that’s good of them, I guess Keeley cares about his reputation.

    Death By Audio add a leaflet with their pedals that basically dares you to try and break it, after which they will fix it.

  • Pop quiz: I want to sell my Guild M-120E to go towards funds for a vintage J-50.

    As mentioned previously, I fucked the finish when I removed the pickguard. I then sanded the top and the back to a natural finish as a sort of interim measure to make it look vaguely presentable , but the sides and headstock remain finished in glossy poly. What's going to be the least worst way of making it saleable?

    1- list as is
    2- take the whole thing back to natural wood (perhaps add some form of rubbed-on satiny finish)
    3 - Attempt a home-nitro refin
    4 - get it professionally finished

    Mint condition ones seem to go for around £500 s/h. I can't imagine anyone would pay more than half that as, is so I guess I could afford to spend a bit getting it sorted. Number 2 gets my vote at the mo.

  • i've ruled out 3. as well I think

  • Number two I reckon, and use an oil of some sort.

    I guess it'll still be quite a bit of work to sand it all down, but a home nitro refinish will be lot of extra work, getting it done properly will probably eat most of what you'd sell it for.

  • I'd sell it as it is, man... I think you're in diminishing returns territory, get rid!

  • Losing the finish and adding an oil finish may well change the sound. Not better, not worse, but I'd expect some sort of change.

  • Tru Oil? Or a can of clear nitro

  • Option 1. Chalk it up to whatevs and walk away whistling a lot.

  • I've got a boatload of danish oil so that would be my first choice. Only question is whether or not i'll be able to do a proper job removing the finish cleanly. I've just bought a detail sander for another project so I don't think it will be too time consuming (and i find sanding wood therapeutic). It's more a question of will I be able to do a goo enough job of sanding in the tight spots like round the heel.

  • I've got some tru-oil as well. I didn't like it as much as the danish oil when did my tele neck. Maybe it would suit the mahogany on the guild though...

  • I suspect a packet of proper razor blades and some half clothes pegs with sandpaper glued on will come in handy for the hard to reach areas...

    Ask me how I know :(

    I'd definitely strip the finish off and oil it though, maybe oil and wax on the neck which gives that lovely Musicman finish that's incredibly smooth and fast...

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  • If you don't feel confident stripping it all, I'd say option 1, but as you say it won't make you much money I don't think. #3 I'd say is a no go.

    #4, I'm not sure how much you'd pay for, but doubt you'd make more than the 500 quid you mention, so unless you can have that done for upwards of about £150 I'd say it wouldn't be worth it, though that would be the one way to ensure it ends up being in good nick again and played and enjoyed by someone.

    Out of curiosity, what does it look like now?

  • Can you use heat to get it off in big shards? I believe (not tried) that you can strip poly finishes like that on electric bodies, but they're a little more robust and will end up under paint.

  • That's what I was thinking. Fuckit I'm going for it that wood just looks too good....

  • You could also try Crimson guitars high build guitar finishing oil. Ben gets great results from it on his YouTube channel.

  • due to my recent (re)obsession with Melvins, I've been lusting over the aluminium creations of Electrical Guitar Company

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  • They're so good, I had to unfollow that account last year because it was not doing my GAS any good... My next guitar WILL be a TB3000...

  • Aluminium Axes group on FB is good for... well, that sort of thing.

  • Aluminium guitars are everything! There's a company in Luxembourg called Tttides who make some absolute monsters and the prices are rather good value compared to EGC...

  • Ooh, good info!

  • €1350 for the standard model is a steal!

  • Not sure about the longevity of that headstock tho'!

  • It’s half inch billet! Love me some finely milled 6061. Damn. That’s got me thinking...

  • Oh I suspect it's well capable of taking some abuse! I really would love one...

  • Currently looks like this

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Guitar Nerds Anonymous

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