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  • Reverb is probably your best bet...

  • You could try a free valuation here to get an idea at least:­lue-my-guitar

    I suspect the serial number / condition will be enough to value off.

    Others will know more about whether that valuation is legit.

  • Doesn't sound bad but I need to tune it well! Apparently I've missed a trick by not stuffing the backs of the lugs with cotton wool to reduce hardware ring so I might take it all apart again and do that!

    I'm so chuffed with how well it went I've just ordered two basketcase Ludwig snares from Reverb for similar treatment!

    An Acrolite and a Super-Sensitive, both in worse condition than this one was but the pair cost me just under €400 incl. shipping and I should be able to sell them for c.€400 a piece at least it they turn out as well as the Sonor did!

    ...or I'll just keep them and become a snare hoarder 🤣

  • Proper job mate!

  • Messaged re iRig.

  • @Nahguavkire

    Dude, I don’t know how to tell you this...

    Edit - disregard, just noticed you’re all over the comments section.

    Honestly, I think it’s a bit shit that they’d consider a guitar like this only as an April Fool’s joke, they’d sell thousands if they had the guts to actually do it.

    Also shit that someone at Dean has apparently seen your project and decided to rip it off.

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  • I know I couldn't believe it!! Hard to believe it's a coincidence considering I tagged them in every post!

  • Wuuuuuut.

  • No doubt Chibson are busy knocking out their own version as we speak...

    Take it as a compliment!

  • Yeah I'm not really too pissed to be honest though an acknowledgement would have been nice 😅

    It is kind of shit though how my build is taking the piss out of Dean but theirs is taking the piss out of the idea that anyone might prefer this to one with a confederate flag on it...

    Edit: at least I finally have justification for an Instagram beef with a major guitar manufacturer 🤣

  • Link me up to the post please?

  • This one on their Instagram:­?igshid=h9yjcwhkiw2y

    @Nahguavkire assume you're going to kick off sufficiently to get yours a 'lawsuit' nomenclature somehow?!

  • cheeky fuckers.

  • @christianSpaceman

    I borrowed your frickin’ laser beam technique today in order to get my neck pocket straight. Worked a treat.

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  • Brilliant! You're flying along with that, it all looks so sharp and neat - lovely f hole. I've not been following the guitar build off this year - is there a deadline for it?

  • Wow that looks super pro! Beautiful wood for the neck - what is it?

  • So is it you they're referring to as 'the most Brutal of Shredders', then? :)

  • Cheers, it’s coming together quite well, barring a frustrating day with fretboard inlays yesterday.

    The deadline for the ‘final YouTube video’ is the end of June (I haven’t even made my first yet).

    Thanks, although there are ways of photographing a build-in-progress that hide the rough bits I’m planning to sand out later! The neck is Indian rosewood, it is lovely.

    @Oliver Schick
    Not I, I wouldn’t know the first thing to do with a guitar like that if you put one in my hands.

  • Er oops, I meant to reply to @Nahguavkire. Fail.

  • Ha yes I guess so :)

    I'm planning to tune mine to C for caveman riffs though so not really shred per se.

    I'm just waiting for a machine polisher I ordered to finish off the bodywork (haven't got the emotional quotient for that much hand polishing) and it's pretty much good to go then!

    I'm really very curious as to what the wishdotcom filtertron knockoffs will sound like!

  • A mate is looking to trade his GigRig PSU for something simpler, should I trade mine for his?

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  • What are you thinking of trading for it? I’ve got a couple of GigRig bits (an ABY Baby and a patch bay) and they’re both very well made.

    The only thing about their power supply setups is that they’re pretty complex because of the modularity. Really depends if you need/want the flexibility.

  • After thinking about it I think I'd be daft to switch just for the sake of it... He'll probably do pretty well selling it to some other freak out here, there can't be many of them about in Oz...

    In other news... Got a A$450 customs bill for the 335 tonight... Oooouuuuch!!! 🥺

  • The one good thing that came out of contemplating a change of PSU was that I finally fixed my noisy Space Echo problem... I put the MXR in for now because I had it handy and it isn't being used, it sounds great now! Bit OTT for just one pedal...

    It was so noisy before, it was actually annoying me more than I realised cuz it's sonic bliss now... Will order a proper Boss PSU down the track so I can build the little board up again... That's a fun thing to have around...

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  • Looking good. Not OTT if no one can see it!

    Does the customs bill mean that the 335 will be landing on your doorstep imminently?

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