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  • Rewired my GS2 with 50's wiring:

    Had to rewire as I left the guitar in it's case too near a cold wall and all the metal parts were slightly fucked.

    I didn't really realise what a massive impact the wiring choices have on the tone, sounds like a different guitar entirely.

  • Nice neat soldering, I need to work on mine so badly, it always looks a complete mess.

    Also, that reamer looks disconcertingly enormous!

  • ^^nice job dude. very tidy. I'll be honest, I'm not sure what 50s wiring mean for a dual humbucker guitar. The shitty job i did on my Riviera was supposedly 50s, but i ended up leaving it with the tones disconnected after i had all that faff with the harness i ordered being wired up wrong. Have been waiting for lockdown to end so I can take it to a tech.

  • Very nice job indeed! I wish I could do that stuff, I've been thinking about taking an evening course in basic guitar teching... Being confident enough to do your own setups, swapping pickups, etc and the easier stuff like that would be amazing...

  • What i did do to my tele that I can highly recommend is removing the tone control from the neck pu. When did you ever need to make a neck pickup darker anyway? Esp a humbucker. Being able to flip to a preset tone-off bridge PU setting is a great trick too.

  • PS What's the best pickup for an acoustic? Will it sound good for home recording? I'd like something as natural sounding as possible...

    I've been struggling to get a good sound out of my cheap condenser, I'm thinking it might be easier to plug straight into the interface and do everything in Logic... I'm not a purist about these things, just wanna get stuff down fast and dirty!

  • I think it's a deburring tool. Yeah I raided an engineering workshop for anything that resembled a reamer and I ended up with the buttplug from hell.

  • I know the feeling...

    I've been trying to rationalise the idea of buying this (which thankfully just sold)

    1968 Telecaster in Olympic White

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  • That is spectacular!!

  • I have a very strong want for a 1968 Tele in either Olympic or Blonde, must have a rosewood board and no binding though...

    I'm even considering selling the Custom 22 to facilitate 🤔

  • You got an incorrectly wired harness, nightmare!

    I chose 50's wiring just as a change, it's easily reversible, you just swap the cap position. My understanding is that the cap acts as a high pass filter to ground, so depending on whether you place it between signal input and tone or output and tone, the treble rolls off differently. 50's wiring preserves treble when rolled off, and I hate a muddy rolled off sound so I'm keen to try it.

    I replaced a split coil circuit with standard series linked, with the intention of putting in humbucker shaped P90s later, so was expecting zero difference in the humbucker sound. Maybe I'm misremembering, but it sounds way more clear and dynamic now. Thought I was replacing 500k pots with 500k pots but perhaps not.

    Fifties style roll off is interesting, will take a bit of getting used to. I'd see so many guitarists talk about getting great sound from rolling off vol/tone and while all I seemed to get was mud.

  • Marshall cabs fit in Muji shelving really well!

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  • Nice! Giving me ideas

  • Does anyone have a Boss RC-3 surplus to requirements before I try on the bay?

  • I'm thinking that I need to rationalise my amp situation to acquire a small valve amp that I can use at home. Is anyone using the Blackstar HT-1R, any thoughts?

  • I have an HT-1 and it's great. Nice sound at low volumes and it fits on a bookcase. Cost me around £100 secondhand.

  • I've a hand wired Vyse amps 1 watt combo if anyone's buying. I built it myself and it sounds great, it's just going unused. No good for metal distortion without a pedal but takes them nicely.
    Maybe £75?

  • I was looking at the Blackstar HT-1R, but it's still pretty loud at 1w. I ended up with the Marshall (photographed above) as it's got a switch to drop it down to 0.1w, has an effects loop and sounds okay at home volumes. Oh, and it looks really great as a mini-stack. There's a combo version too.

  • I know nobody cares but I restored this crummy Sonor Force 507 snare I got from local adverts for €30. Turned out pretty nice 🥰

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  • Ooh tempting! Do you have any photos/specs?

  • Great colour! Looks brand new. Nice work.

  • I care! looks sweeeet. How does it sound?

  • MBV catalogue is back on Spotify and two new records coming on Domino… not an April Fools… well, I don't think so, anyway.

  • What would be the best way to have a Gibson guitar valued other than going by previous eBay auctions? I’m considering parting with a Les Paul which was bought new by my father many years ago. Serial number says it was made in September 2003, sunburst body and in beautiful condition along with original hard case.

    Any advice appreciated.

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