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  • Thanks everyone now all I need to do is get a talent transplant so I can do this:

  • Happy NGD! ♥️

  • That's awesome. Guitars are so personal and it's so hard to get them right, your bro clearly put the work in.

  • Very nice! Model no. & more pics please

  • Great, glad it worked out well. The bass cut seems to vary with different pickups. I just put swapped humbuckers to P90s and it’s much more pronounced.

    I changed the covers on my new P90s and drained most of the wax out while soldering, so may repot them in future, but sounds like the wax was very hot and then disturbed as you added more. Friend of mine got a burn from knocking a garden candle and it basically exploded as the liquid wax splashed and caught light. Maybe just repeat the process gently as with the successful first one.

  • That is very pretty! Is it an Academy 10E? More pictures of the lovely armrest, it's such a gorgeous detail on those! Hope it gives you hours and hours of joy!

    On an unrelated note... There's no drumming thread on here is there? I've been thinking about getting a drum kit...

  • I've not seen one. Mrs Y is a Drummer and we have an electric kit in storage... It's one of those things I really feel I should learn, if not just for the programming side of things. But anything more than AC/DC Boom Clack and I'm lost!

  • That set up looks so wrong for Nick Cave, don't you think? I'm probably totally wrong, obvs, but if I don't see a super cool, weird guitar and a Twin Reverb it just doesn't seem right...

    Nice light in that room...

  • yeah i've decided i want a white one.

  • Too much money for a 2015... That headstock... 🤮

  • Picked up the Ukulele today and a 3/4 size rh guitar. Good news, right hand playing is fine. Bad news. How the hell do you get all your fingers in the same fret for an A chord on the guitar?

  • Just catching up on the last page after a heckers week at work.

    Much win from @Nahguavkire @Yukirin (sweet sounds dudes) and congrats to @bobo and @Alan_tbt for the new toys and projects.


  • ^^ +1 for Justin.

    Bear in mind a full size guitar will have a little more room for your fingers.

  • I'm still on the lookout for the right SG as well. Let us know if you spot any contenders. I'm not going to be too prescriptive about the specific model because I've seen all kinds that I dig but it wants to take have a bit of vibe about it and be the right price. I seem to have a blind spot when it comes to SG values tho so help would be appreciated.

  • Check out Justin Guitar

    Hah, turns out I’ve been playing A wrong all my life. D too, with my index and ring fingers swapped - seem to find this way much easier to flourish the e string and it’s a simple change to Dminor

  • That’s the site I’m using, I like his method and it’s easy to hit pause to get more time on the positioning and chord checks. I got the tuning almost bang on using his video, it’s never gonna be bang on I think looking at the state of the strings and the twiddly bits on the end.
    The “don’t do this method” is easy, it’s the “do it this way” that is tricky. I’ll get there.

  • Maybe I'm going by 2016 prices... My bandmate, Tony, could only get $900 for his cherry SG... They seem to be the most affordable used Gibson but that mojo you're looking for is gonna cost, innit? Everybody loves P90s all of a sudden so an SG Special isn't as cheap as it used to be...

    @greenhell is looking as well, he obvs wants a gold one...

  • I like Eric Haugen's videos a lot - some great David Rawlings tutorials if you're into that kind of thing
    David Rawlings tutorials

  • His taste is spot on for me. Plus I’m on a Bad Seeds jag at the moment so that was timely.

  • The crazy neon yellow DOD Metal pedal actually sounds WAY better than I was expecting. Above halfway on the gain it sounds like a Rat but way absolutely HEAPS of low end. Not muddy at all, just a massive heavy low end thump. It’s rad. With gain turned down it does great garage rock sounds too. It’s actually super transparent with gain off too. Loads of fun.

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  • Is that hammerite looking pedal some sort of Klone?

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Guitar Nerds Anonymous

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