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  • I’m going to get it this afternoon. I can always flip it if I don’t dig it.

  • Be rude not to wouldn’t it?

    I'd bang it

  • The seller just sent me clip of him playing it. Sounds great. Have convinced my wife it’s a sound investment so off to the cashpoint for me!

  • Ha, what a pushover... 😂🙏


  • Guilty pleasure wasting time on while at work.

    @Fatberg some SGs sold in the last auction don't think you can try before you buy tho.

    Preview catalogue is up for the new auction.

    Drooling at the 1960 Tele & Gibson L-48

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  • Tele looks great but sadly reading the description it has been subjected to a number of indignities (Seymour Duncan pickup, middle pickup routing under the guard, etc).

  • Yea and estimate at 4k. It's being marketed by them as 'players grade'.

  • A 4k 1960 Telecaster is a steal any day of the week!

    I've got a weird and specific desire to own a 1968 rosewood board Telecaster and a 1972 Les Paul Deluxe as they're two of the guitars Justin Vernon has used most extensively in Bon Iver (I'm an absolute BI ultra-fan if I never made it clear, according to Spotify statistics I'm in the top 1% of Bon Iver listeners worldwide 😂) so I've been keeping an eye on 1960s Telecaster prices and I haven't even seen a 1968 (in all of its post-CBS shame) for 4k!

    As long as you wanted it to play it that would be a superb buy!

  • Nice. will keep an eye on that site. And yeah 4k for a pre CBS tele is a steal. I don't care what previous indignities it has been subject to as long as the the wood is there tbh.

  • At the other end of the budget spectrum... this followed me home.

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  • it's fun. fecking loud for 5w. Had to crank the champ to keep up. Nice combination.

  • Sweet! I liked mine - they’ve got a good roar to them.

  • On the topic of Teles, does anyone know a good source of spare bodies that won’t cost the earth? Decent seconds would definitely be an option.

    Have all other parts to build up a Tele and would love to get to stain and wax it for a nice matt finish 🤔

  • Guitarbuild look really good and I know SC Guitars use them for their bodies.

    There's also a Russian chap on Reverb doing super cheap pine bodies that I've had in my watch list forever and they look great!

  • Spotify told me I’m in the top 1% of Charli XCX fans. Not remotely ashamed.

  • I'm genuinely not well enough versed to pass judgement but if you've listened to that much it certainly says something 😅
    I'll have to have a listen!

    Any other top pop tips from guitar nerds?

    I rather like Jorja Smith and Snoh Aalegra after discovering their Tiny Desk concerts, both fairly R&B-ish with hench basslines though which explains a lot.

  • I am mainly a fan of all her output with A.G. Cook, SOPHIE and the PC Music collective (Vroom Vroom, Number 1 Angel, Pop 2, Charli, How I’m Feeling Now). I am probably more of an electronic music nerd than a guitar nerd... I like a fairly wide range of different stuff though.

  • top pop tips

    Have a listen to 'Call me unique' if you are in into the r&b ish vibes. Birminghams finest, think she will do really well in the future.

  • Have you heard Thundercat? He’s great.

    Bonus Haim appearance at the end.

    The recent Tom Misch record with Yussef Dayes is also great (What Kinda Music). I find a lot of Tom Misch’s solo stuff tends towards being a bit cheesy but on this Yussef just balances him out perfectly.

  • Imma big BI fan. Got tickets to the rescheduled Wembley show this coming Nov. Hope it happens...

  • I literally get all my new music inspo from Tiny Desk...

  • This is great!

    despite that dude's hair (wig?)

  • Wig, they've been doing matching wigs for years!

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Guitar Nerds Anonymous

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