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  • That's great! I tried that on the recommendation of a guy doing a Nic Jones Canadee-I-O tutorial. I kind of liked it, but it wasn't a game changer for me. I'm reasonably ok with a regular thumb pick but by no means an expert.

    I started using em when I taught myself (rudimentary) clawhammer banjo. For a while I was using a nylon thumb pick and two metal fingerpicks for live acoustic stuff to try and get a bit of cut-through in a noisy pub.

    These days I tend to just play with my fingers or a flat pick. I can just about hybrid pick using a flatpick and fingers but nowhere near as well as i'd like. An approximation of the All My Loving solo is about my limit.

  • After about the third bowl of plectrums got emptied by my toddler and dispersed around the house, I just play with fingers these days. Getting a little better at it though still haven’t cracked the fast single note runs.

  • I’ve always been a finger picker. I’ve never really got on with plectrums hence the drawer full of them.

    When playing my electric it’s never bothered me but when I play my parlour it really improved the attack and bass and makes a big difference. I’m definitely going to experiment some more.

    The thumb pick I recommend if anyone is interested is a Fred Kelly Slick Pick. If you get the size right it’s super comfy and doesn’t slip. It boasts about being made of Delrin but that means nothing to me. They’re great though.

  • No picks but I have Bert Jansch's backstage pass from his last-ever gig, Pentangle @ the QEH. Sadly it doesn't have his name on, just blank. I was sitting next to him and swiped it off the table as he got up to leave.

    I once nearly nabbed one of Rory Gallagher's bottlenecks but I, er, bottled it. In retrospect, I'm glad I did...

    Slik Piks for me too, the orange ones, love 'em.

  • Just watched that Creston video. I love the guitars and REALLy love the artwork.

    This nut job is a bit of a worry though...

    EDIT for screenshot fail

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  • it's pretty shockingly bad tbh

  • Yikes. Hope it didn’t leave the shop like that.

  • You’re welcome to borrow my fender jazz

  • I've got quite a few plectri from concerts, both personalised and standard Tortex ones that I now can't identify. Prize one is Dimebag's.

  • we need some high energy joe dings in here.

  • That screen shot is straight from the video where be meticulously fits a hand shaped nut. Hmmm.

  • Ace Frehley and Rick Neilsen, don't know where they are...

  • Just looked at it again. It’s fucking shocking. I’m calling bullshit on this guy.

  • OK, this Goth 335 thing is definitely gonna happen... I'm getting a bonus in March that'll pay for half of it and I've totally justified the purchase to myself with some additional man maths, etc... Can't find any in stock tho'!

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  • I'm jelly… looks like a good sticker platform.

  • REDUCED$$$


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  • Or if you must have humbuckers...

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  • I'm not even a dentist, let alone a lawyer! It's a modest bonus... 🤑

  • To be fair I had convinced myself that 335s were a fair bit more expensive than this ...

    FWIW I'd actually choose a Navigator 335 or an Eastman I think but I couldn't find a black one for sale.

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  • @>>>>>> would you consider a Gibson Lucille? It’s got gold bits on it?

    I’d love to try one... the varitone knob, no f holes and mono/stereo out appeal to me.

  • Funnily enough I found a Lucille for sale quite close to me but I don't know enough about them to know what I'm buying, could be a Chibson for all I know...

  • Anyone ever tried Pedal Steel or a Lap Steel? I've listened to about 4 different mixes/versions of KLF Chill Out the past few days and I'm absolutely obsessed with the steel sections. Through loads of reverb and delay, oof....

    Gretsch do a nice looking Lap Steel

  • high energy joe dings

    Joe's new solo project?

  • When I walked into Rhodes Music to look at a lovely old Sho-Bud pedal steel, the guy told me to go away and learn lap steel and come back in five years... I bottled it and bought a Casio FZ-1 instead... 🤦♂️

    Is it BJ Cole on the KLF stuff? He's such a lovely man and so bloody good... Fond memories of seeing him play around London in the nineties and noughties...

  • Yeah I really don't think I'd do either justice at all! I'd just want to be able to do that one arpeggio lick that starts that whole steel section in Chill Out..

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