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  • That sounds superb!
    I've just gotten a hilarious idea in my head for a double hockey stick headstock to accommodate 12-strings and I can't stop chuckling over how silly it would look...

    Obviously the scale of the headstock is wrong as I ran out of paper space but I actually reckon it would look quite cool in a totally bonkers way!

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  • That's it! Perfect!

    ... I am joking :|

    I have just ordered some of those weird adaptors to put a set of Tele pickups in my PRS Tremonti SE though in fairness so I may not be trustworthy.

  • Jeez, that is close!

  • Those string angles...

  • Yeah I think single hockey stick is good but now that the mirth of double hockey stick has subsided it's a bloody horrible idea!

  • Haha, I find the more years I've had to cope with being shite, the less the disappointment. :)
    With you on the SG. Cherry Junior, belter.

  • Good grief! There are some horrific images on this page!

  • I apologise and offer this lovely trio of Creston Telecasters to make up for the indiscretion.

  • Oof. I was gazing longingly at Crestons yesterday evening, you’re not helping!

    I would do some quite nefarious things to be able to own this beauty:

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  • Amen - sometimes I must have watched that little behind the scenes creston video 5 times ! So great.

  • Read his FAQs. It gives me cheer that he's very clear about what he is and isn't happy to put his name on, and that the customer isn't always right.

    Should mention that, for me, at least 50% of the aesthetic interest of the guitars is down to the gorgeous Sarah Ryan designs.

  • Oh yes! Lovely stuff

  • So, after years of struggling to play with a thumb pick, I finally figured it out!

    I’ve tried so many type and sizes that I’ve been given and recommended but all of them just never felt right. Even when I found a super comfy one that fit my tiny thumb I just couldn’t get it to work.

    So yesterday I thought I’d try again. This time I cut down and shaped the pick tip right down so it only just over hangs my thumb and amazingly within 10mins I was playing as if I wasn’t wearing one.

    This is probably really obvious to everyone but anytime I was given one by a player they were so much longer? Anyway I’m super chuffed with myself.

  • Well done! I haven't got a clue how to use one, but being a plectrum nerd as well as a guitar nerd I do have a "famous person plectrum" collection (don't we all?) and the only thumb pick I have is from Bert Jansch when I saw him at the Jazz Cafe about 20 years ago. I won't be cutting that down any time soon. :)

  • Swap you for my Crispian Mills plectrum. You may need to throw something else in though to sweeten the deal...

  • My only famous person plectrum is one I got from Chris Squire (which is actually pretty excellent).... I've no idea where I've put it though? I suspect it may be inside the sleeve of my copy of Tales from Topographic Oceans...

  • Bona fide #plectrumpron right there.

    Only ever had a couple of “famous” plectrums and they belonged to Aaron Turner of Isis and I’m pretty sure one from Joe King of the Queers. Bert Jansch might edge it..!

  • I had a Billy Corgan somewhere, haven’t seen it for well over a decade.

    Jim Dunlop nylon if you were interested.

  • A man of refined tastes.

  • I have a whole drawer of plectrums. No famous ones 😢

  • I was thrilled to discover that he used the same plectrums (plectra?) as me. I now can’t remember if it was the .73 that I use 90% of the time these days or the .88.

    Equipboard says he uses Tortex so now I don’t know WHAT to think.

  • What a conundrum 😂

    I'm a dyed in the wool 1.0mm Nylon man myself!

  • It came from a recording session around ‘99/‘00 I think. Wasn’t there but 100% trust who I got it from so maybe he was experimenting, or using nylon for riffs/strumming rather than soloing.

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Guitar Nerds Anonymous

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