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  • I wanted a new LP standard for years and didn't have the scratch. Oddly enough, after having a noodle on a friend's 2019 model a couple of months back, the urge completely left me. Nice enough, but didn't feel special. The last one I played before that was a 90s Custom which definitely had more mojo.

  • Cigarette pack amplifier- quite fun!

  • When in stock, I can get one of those for AU$3,199... VERY tempting, and in my favourite shade of #everythingblack too... Tho' bright cherry would be nice for maximum Slowhand at the Albert Hall points... I HATE Eric Clapton BTW... Black is more BB King anyway...

    Maybe I'll just buy the black Coronet, forget about the Crestwood and put that money towards a black 335... So many guitars, so little time left to enjoy them...

  • Epiphone or Ibanez for budget 335 thrills! Rather fancy one myself! The Ibanez one is available in some lovely colours, although so is the Epiphone in this years release!

  • Latest boring guitar purchase, just grabbed a bunch of these off Reverb for all the Fenders in the house... As your were!

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  • I often find it's disappointing when you finally get your hands on a really nice guitar and discover that it's still you playing all your shitty licks.

  • My old bandmate had a Gibson endorsement (fuck knows how, he was the singer and a terrible guitarist) but I got to borrow a load of ho-hum new gibson stuff over the years.

    I still want a proper 335 or an SG though.

  • Old SGs always seem really decent value compared to the Les Pauls (edit: I've just read the description of that one and it's not exactly period correct :) )

    Given a reissue of the same guitar is $3000, even with the mods on the one you linked I know which one I'd have.­1963-SG-Junior-Reissue/Cherry-Red

  • Yeah totally. That's the kind of thing i'm waiting to pounce on.

  • I picked up an old (not interestingly old, last ten years or so I think), very broken SG from ebay six months or so ago. It was sold as a Gibson, but it must be an Epiphone given the guy sold took an offer of £25! Maybe it's not even an Epiphone... whatever it is it's definitely solid mahogany.

    It's been lurking in the back of my guitar corner since - I'm going to build it a new neck at somepoint and get Rich to repaint it.

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  • +1 I have an Epiphone Sheraton and it sounds and feels as good as any 335 I've played. The original electrics weren't amazing but since I replaced those I love it. Beautifully made and a stunna to look at.
    I've had this one 30 years though - haven't tried a more recent Epi.

  • Sheraton is cool... here’s Mansur Brown going to town on one:

  • Yeah I dig my Epi Riviera, although I do struggle with a couple of aspects of it.

    The nut width is very narrow and I'm not sure it's related, but when bending strings I find it hard to avoid making extraneous noises by banging into other strings.

    It's a weird thing. sometimes I feel like I can't grab hold of a bend and the string wants to slip out from under my finger, and other times when I do get hold of a bend, I find that despite best efforts to mute, I end up diving under the next string which them pings and creaks. It's not an issue I have on any of my other guitars.

  • Yeah! That's exactly how it sounds when I play mine...

  • Yeah, same...

    Five grand off an SG anyone?

  • Man's got wicked chops.
    Yussef Dayes is my favourite drummer alive too.

  • Please do a hockey stick headstock and get it painted surf green or some other excellent colour with matching headstock 😍

    You do need to decide then how phallic you want it to be in terms of reverse or non-reverse headstock...

  • Includes a hard case!

  • Paint looks kind of scratched up though... must be why it’s discounted.

  • On the topic of SG, and I've posted this band before, but I love this guy­-Xw

  • It was you mentioning wanting a 12 string SG originally, and me thinking that was a good idea, that spured the purchase :) . I think that's still on the cards.

    Was thinking of a surf colour too actually - Gibson 'homeage' headstock (with pineapple inlay, rectangle inlays) but then doing it all in a Fender colour...

  • Ha! he's really going for that 70s rock God look! Fortunately he's got the chops to pull it off, otherwise it could just look silly

  • I’ve got an Sheraton from the 80’s. I love it and it plays as nice as some modern Gibson’s I’ve played in store. I bought it off a jazz guitarist and was set up beautifully and has upgraded pickups etc.

    That being said I’ve never played a vintage Gibson 335 so can’t compare to that.

    Both a LP Junior double cut and SG is on my list of musts. I didn’t think I was a Gibson guy but I obviously am. The shorter scale just works for me.

    I’m hoping when I finally start/finish my mustang build it can finally get some of them Fender tones with the comfort of the shorter scale.

  • I've got the Epi 339 and its alright, being a small person it's a bit more in proportion!

    Having the coil tap is cool, gives plenty of options. It lives on the wall in the front room as it's handy to just pick up and play when the little one is napping. I'm not blown away with it though. Nothing wrong as such, just doesn't zing. I've yet to gig with it though so that might change.
    I'd like to give the Squire Starcastor a go, its closer to my Jonny Greenwood fantasy visually at least.

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