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  • i know.*sobs.

    hence saving

  • Heritage H-535 maybe worth a look? Made in the Kalamazoo Gibson factory on the original machinery.

    Is it not mostly the original machinery? I watched a video about making 335s (can't remember where it is to link to sadly) and the man from Gibson said that when they moved they took the veneer press for the front / back with them to Nashville.

    Don’t think they’re really any cheaper though.

    They're more expensive than Gibsons but because the brand isn't as well known they depreciate quicker meaning that you can pick them up cheap second hand (but it on reverb apparently).

  • Yeah, sorry, a lot of the original machinery, not all.

    I like the idea of owning a 335 but I really don’t think I’d enjoy it enough. #hamfistedfenderguy

  • on reverb

    Oof, just seen a translucent black one on there... that’s a handsome guitar.

  • I find it quite a dangerous website to visit what with the potential to redline your credit card. Also I suspect that my wife would rather catch me watching actual porn rather than lusting over guitar pron on reverb. Neither would be an ideal situation though.

  • FWIW the only considerations I have for proper Geebson style guitars in future are either Eastman or Edwards/ Navigator (maybe Orville and some of the vintage Ibanez Lawsuit stuff...)

    They're so much cooler than Gibson to me and pricewise far more sensible for what you're getting in return...

  • Can thoroughly support any Eastman mine. They're proper. Mine is a lower end one and is still minters. One of these days I might treat myself to a fancy one...a AR910CE in blonde....hmm....

  • I love Eastman stuff but nothing will fill the Gibson shaped hole in my heart.

  • Gibson is pretty much squarely aimed at dentists now isn’t it? Even the top end of those new fenders is still less than a standard LP and there’s a whole range of options that are significantly cheaper.

  • Well even the fancy fenders are still two planks of wood bolted together but yep, seems dentists buy Gibson, lawyers buy Collings.

  • Gibsons are dentist guitars now? Really? Base 335 model RRP is £2k, that isn't terrible money tho', is it? Not cheap, I know, but... 🤷

    I'd really like one but the price puts me off, but I'm cheap so... Found a really nice 70s Aria Pro Plus ll 335 the other day, really beautiful and less than $1500 but I couldn't bring myself to spend that on it... Maybe a Greco, Orville, Burny, an older Tokai or a Yamaha would be a different story but the Aria brand just doesn't inspire me...

  • Oh right, the satin one. Hmm, I’d missed that. That’s a chunk cheaper, true.

    Dunno, I do think Fender have used the Mexico and Far East factories really well to provide bang for the buck. Maybe it’s in the new Gibson plan to fill the midrange gap? I’m not really saying the full fat Gibsons aren’t worth the money, just that they aren’t catering to that midrange market right now. Gibson SG Special: £1349 street. Epi SG Special: £349. That’s a big gap with nothing in it.

    The Fender Custom Shop is certainly taking its fair share of the dentist market btw. Business is booming (pun intended).

  • lawyers buy Collings.

    I feel targeted...

  • What's the correct profession for owning a Martin? Oh and does anyone want to buy me a 12-string? ;-)

  • @Nahguavkire Oh no! Because you’re a lawyer, or because you bought a Collings? 😂

    Sorry either way. The I-35 looks so nice...

  • guitar gatekeeping can get in the bin tho - we have the car thread for that.

    buy what you want, it's your money.

  • Long haired trustifarian I think is the correct profession for a Martin (well a full fat one at least).

    You can get some bargins on used 12 strings my brother recently bought this for less than £500.

  • Also on the budget 335 talk I found this video interesting:

  • Anyone here interested in a Line 6 Echo Park? Had it for more than a decade, but probably had less than a day altogether of use. Never gigged or anything with it!

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  • Also, does anyone know what this is? I got it free when I bought my Eastwood guitar (again, about a decade ago). I can't find out much about the company as I definitely don't think it's made by the original Valco. I don't play guitar anymore so can't test it, but I remember back in the day it used to make a hell of a fuzzy racket.

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  • I've got a Collings OM2H 😂😂😂

    They're wonderful guitars though! Worth every penny!

  • Actually I did pretty well myself on a 2nd hand Takamine 12-string, just under half RRP for nearly-new, but like the look of the Martin if I ever have a few grand to spare!

    I'm never likely to spend a huge amount on a guitar, and next on the wish-list is some sort of inexpensive hollow body or semi-hollow. This stems from a long term desire for the ES-335 but at the moment I'm thinking along the lines of an Epiphone Casino. I've already got an Epi Les Paul and feel like the Casino will be more of a departure from that than an ES-335 copy. (And the Beatles connection seems pretty cool...)

  • I wanted a new LP standard for years and didn't have the scratch. Oddly enough, after having a noodle on a friend's 2019 model a couple of months back, the urge completely left me. Nice enough, but didn't feel special. The last one I played before that was a 90s Custom which definitely had more mojo.

  • Cigarette pack amplifier- quite fun!

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