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  • Does he wear white 'musician' boots? Remember them?

  • Ha nope!

    He's actually a bit of a corduroy and hushpuppies guy these days. But he still wears a Fly by Nite haulage co baseball cap, has a big grey beard stained orange round the mouth from his rollie and weed habit and can regularly be found having a vape and a kip in his car outside our house.

  • there was a bloke that used to wander up and down the road on the way to the shops when we lived in WN4L. Early 60s at least, spray on jeans, fucked, sleeveless motorhead tour t-shirt, white cowboy boots, beer gut, GIANT bunch of keys attached to a bullet belt.

    it was like looking into the future.

  • Arf! I love those guys man. The owner of the local s/h record and crappy s/h music gear is a textbook road casualty from his days with Motorhead. Lovely bloke. Got the Riff Raff from Rocky Horror thing going on. He just bought a chihuahua which sits on his shoulder while he serves customers.

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  • He just bought a chihuahua which sits on his shoulder while he serves customers.

    Pix or STFU...

  • If we ever get out of tier 69 i'll pap him. It was bit distracting the last time i was in there. I was buying a copy of Split by The Groundhogs, and tiny shoulderdog had its lipstick tube out.. right at eye level it was...

  • next up on the list:

    do i need fingernails to play the intro?

    who the fuck has fingernails?­NvM

  • Just pick and fingers I think.

  • I have a weird fingernail thing. I have to keep mine super short. It's not quite a phobia, but I cannot stand it when my fingernails get long enough that they touch things. I start to get hyper aware of them scraping on guitar fingerboards, tapping on the keyboard etc. Stuff gets under them, they can snag.. ewww eww eww. Hate it.

  • I’ve decided to sell my Strymon Volante, thought I’d mention that here in case anyone is interested before I put it on ebay.

  • Volante

    Best looking pedal, maybe ever.

  • It’s pretty great isn’t it? I’ve been using it connected to a little modular setup in an Intellijel palette. Love how it sounds, but I just ordered the Magneto module instead, so this has to go.

  • Anyone got a mustang they wanna sell me? I have many parts / things I could offer or just cash

  • Ha, I use a Roland Demora on the side with my Intellijel Palette case.

    I really like the sound of the Volante but couldn’t possibly justify it, I have a terrible delay pedal addiction that I’m trying to get under control.

  • I don’t I’m afraid, but I just wanted to mention the Squier Bullet Mustang that I just bought my son to start learning on cost a little over a ton and not only is it entirely functional and easy to play, it’s even pretty well set up. Very good for the money.

  • Worth being aware that the Bullet version has a 12" neck radius and big frets - may not satisfy those wanting a traditional Mustang experience.

  • Re the Dawsons Music saga from an order placed 27th Nov - got an email the day before the PayPal resolution saying they had started an investigation and would see if another pedal could be sent. Replied with [no thanks, refund please] and money is now back with me 41 days later.
    Wouldn't recommend paying them without the protection of a credit card/PayPal.

  • Yeah, absolutely agree, hardtail and humbuckers as well. The kid wants to rock so it suits us!

    The laurel fingerboard is quite “grainy” when bending notes (I imagine it’ll get smoother with enough use) but apart from that it plays just fine.

  • yeah the bullets are ace but I'm thinking 90's Japanese or vintage USA
    I've owned a few before and wanting to try again - eBay prices vary wildly

  • Bold statement. EDIT, re: best looking pedal I mean!

  • Was just idly noodling while on a work call and realised that the first phrase from Third Stone from the Sun is basically the Coronation St theme tune.

  • Haha, there's plenty of competition! What are everyone's favourite looking pedals, then?

  • #SpamAlert I'm thinking about selling my 2006 Fender American Standard Precision Bass (60th anniversary with S1 switch) if anyone is interested. Located in Bedfordshire but could be talked into posting if needed, bought from The Guitar Dept in Bognor a year ago and played a handful of times at home. Also have a Fender Rumble 40 V3 amp which I'd no longer need. Thinking around £1k for the guitar and £180 for the amp.

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Guitar Nerds Anonymous

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