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  • Not enough posting on this thread.

    Today on the way home a newly installed BB and crank set started to creak like a creaky thing. The "oh shit I forgot to torque this" thought entered my brain. I knew exactly how I screwed this up. A quick stop revealed my multitool is missing a 10mm allen key.

    I popped into Evans in Dulwich on the way home. I had a nice chat with the mechanic Chris who listened to my travails. Instead of lending me a 10mm allen key, he kindly used their torque wrench to sort it out himself, FOC. The rest of the ride home was blissfully silent. Hugely appreciated.

  • Dyson - he may be a brexity bastard but when a part broke on my vacuum they agreed to send out a new one, FOC not even asking for pictures or evidence.

  • Was amazed to get some excellent service from Amazon last weekend!

    On Sunday night, my daughter was complaining that the cheap headphones she had bought were broken. She had purchased some kind of warranty at checkout, but was getting no joy online with repair or replacement.

    Being old fashioned, I looked up a 'phone number and spoke to someone in a call-centre (got through more or less immediately). Explained the issue to person on the 'phone (because of GDPR I had to impersonate a 16 year old girl) and hey-presto, a replacement set of headphones arrived the very next day. Pains me to say it, but well done Amazon.

  • I went to Hub Vélo because the rubber strap broke on a front light I bought from them. I was really expecting to buy a replacement strap, but they got a whole new replacement light for me (for free). Now where do I get a replacement strap for the other one? :)

  • I've also had a helping hand at that particular Evans a couple of times.
    Edit: not a euph.

  • Yeah, amazon has never given me problems with their warranty. For smaller parts/goods they just send new ones, instead of having to return etc.

  • I had a nice chat with the mechanic Chris who listened to my travails.

    Hah, he's on here, and recently moved to Glasgow.

  • (off topic)

    Pret (Westfield next to Shep Bush bus station)

    My daughter bumped her head, started getting a small swelling. Nearest shop was Pret. I was going to buy a can of coke to use a cold compress.

    Lady behind the counter just let me have the can. She said she had a little girl around the same age

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Good service

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