Majorca training camp/bike hire

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  • You didn't ask me, but from what I experienced, the bikes on trains system is similar to here, except you don't need to pre-book. They won't be allowed on in rush hour into/out of palma etc.

  • I travelled on a Saturday morning and had no problem. I was the only one that got on at Sa Pobla...

    It did fill up a bit more when changing at Inca, but there are also dedicated spaces on the train for bikes (either two or four at each carriage end, can't remember.) Maybe a different story on weekdays but then it's clear from timetables which trains bikes are allowed on, i.e. off-peak.

    Also worth noting that it was still a bit dark when setting out from Port de Pollensa, but it was October!

  • Am excite; heading to Playa de Muro 29/5 and should be renting a Cannondale Synapse Di2 disc from the Viva bike shop that Viva Hotels run.

  • train tines should be visible here. I love that rush hour is from 1-3pm for siesta time.­6/11266/M2-T1-T2-T3%2C%20des%20de%202014­.09.01.pdf

    4 bikes officially allowed per train, 2 on each end carriage however it often becomes 5-6 each end carriage during the commute period. saying that i have on the odd occasion seen tourists with bikes be told they cannot board due to it already being quite full whilst locals would be allowed to do so at the nxt stop.

    never happened to me tho

  • Yeah, it's pretty amazing

  • 31:41 up Sa Calobra today :D

    We also got the first train from Sa Pobla to Palma on Sunday - really quiet and no trouble getting bikes on - I don't think there are any rush our restrictions at the weekend. The ride back to Puerto Polleca the full length of the MA 10 coast road was stunning. Well done Majorca.

  • That's an incredible time. Nice one!

  • Goddamn it @dbr... I was so pleased to have vaguely caught up in April (33.50).
    Amazing time.

  • You beat me by a minute on Puig Major though! I put in a proper effort on that on Sunday. I'm definitely made for the steeper stuff. A minute eighteen knocked off Sa Calobra from last year so well pleased. I reckon I can crack the half hour mark before I'm over the hill (badoom cha).

  • Words cant even explain how jealous I am.
    I love that little climb. It is utter perfection.

  • "little climb"... classic British understatement!

  • +1 recommend Max Huerzeler for bargain bike rental.

    90 Euro for a week for an Ultegra kitted Cube/Centurion bike with DT Swiss wheels makes the Anglo rental places look like a piss take

  • I need to organise another trip over there with the bike! keep going bike-less and it makes me cry inside every time :(

  • Flying back tomorrow, Huerzeler bike was fine and don't often get 500 euro wheels on a rental bike DT 350/RR585 beyond bombproof. Did the Mallorca Cycle Shuttle from PP to Andratx on a Wed AM for 24 euro that drops you 50m from the start of MA10. 90 mins on a coach then straight into 5km climb was fun.
    Travelled on cheap Thomas Cook package but every hotel is chill with bikes in rooms etc. and wife chilled at pool or beach while I was riding. Loads of dads doing same thing with early starts and return for lunch. In Puerto Pollensa south you are literally 30 seconds from the lanes (cami) and official cycle routes signposted towards mountains north or to the plains south, can ride for hours and see no riders and barely any cars.

  • Challenge Majorca race always seems to have some snow up in the Tramuntanas in Feb.

    I'm about to book this years trip to PP.

  • .

  • Jet2 have started flying out of Stansted to Palma for more flight+holiday options.

  • Just back from a week in Mallorca. It was superb. Shout out to Pro Cycle Hire Mallorca (in Puerto Pollenca), who have an amazing selection of bikes, and also a nuts selection of bike porn around the top shelf (ooh er) of the shop.

    I hired a beautiful colnago master with super record for the week, but they've lots of carbon as well. It was an absolute joy to ride.

    Highlight of the week was the climb up the col de sa batalla from Caimari and a very quick stop for a slice of gato almendra and a cortado at the top before the descent down the other side back to meet the wife in cala sant vicenc for lunch on the beach.

    We got super cheap flights out with jet 2 and back with ryanair, got an airbnb in rural mancor de la vall. Would recommend.

    Word of warning DO NOT TOUCH GOLDCAR with a bargepole. Total scam merchants.

  • Who would you recommend for car hire?

  • In Palma? Any of the car hire companies actually near the airport.
    (though Goldcar were fine when I went out a few years back)

  • Yeah we told goldcar we weren't taking their car and used europcar next door.

    What happened was we turned up and first of all said our car wasn't ready but it would be 5€ a day for a mini instead, or 10€ a day for an A4 and we could sort it there. Or we wait an hour and get our car.

    We went back and they quickly mumbled something about deposit and put the card machine in front of my wife. I hadnt been paying attention but realised they were charging about 300€ which she thought was a deposit, but was in fact a tank of fuel and their own insurance.

    So the whole thing was to try to force us (and everyone else there) to pay 200 euros for their own comprehensive insurance, plus 140€ for the tank of fuel. They were hugely aggressive when I said we had our own hire excess and as we wouldn't take their comp insurance they wanted a 1400 euro deposit (which they would hold for 4 weeks AFTER we returned the car) and. They threatened to take all sorts of charges off our deposit regardless and said "we will definitely take money from your deposit, so you might as well be sensible and pay the 200€."

    After arguing for 30 minutes and my wife in tears they slapped a sign down saying all transactions after 11pm were subject to a 40€ charge. Laughable. The whole experience was absolutely mental. I would struggle to name a ruder individual than the lady who served us.­ul/09/car-hire-goldcar-take-photo-damage­

    Basically they are fine if you pay their giant extra fee for comp insurance, but all in it adds up to quite a bit more than any of the bigger firms, once you include your rental fee (which is cheap as chips and how they snare you).

    tl;dr they are a shower of bastards.

    Also, definitely go to Mallorca riding, it's amazing.

  • So don't hire a car. If you do hire a car, hire it from someone other than goldcar goldcunts.

  • I'm going early October , staying in Alcudia & taking my bike

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Majorca training camp/bike hire

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