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  • Going to Majorca next month, and have a few days to spare while the misses attends trade conference. Thinking of getting on the bike, but not taking one, poss. hiring, maybe join training run. Tried searching, cant find any info. Anyone know?

  • Loads of people including pros go to Majorca for training, though mainly in spring. Superb cycling, Puig Major is a must.­ml

  • Cheers for that, looks great!

  • I've got a friend who hires bikes in the south of the island, mainly triathlon bikes but also a good selection of road bikes. He's located in Colonia St Jordi, an area where a lot of the pro teams go late winter and spring time. Like Ronnie said Puig Major is a must as is Cap Formentor.
    Some awesome rides out there and can hook you up with locals if you like.

  • A mate of mine went a few months ago just for the road training and had the time of his life... Great, if you're into that kinda thing... ;)

  • Wow.

    Seriously considering saving up for their training camp.

  • evidently it's very cheap to DIY, just hire a chalet/flat/house between a group of you and arrange a transfer from the airport.

    ride bike in mountains. repeat until tired, eat nice food.

  • Does anyone have current info about road bike hire in Majorca?

  • I can recommend this outfit

    They're great guys and have got some quality material for hire. Better give them a call beforehand as to my knowledge they only show their entry bike for hire on the web.

    There's quite a few other companies on the Island as well.

  • There is a guy with a more independant hire &hotel setup in a village called Sineu... I think under the name MA13.. hold up I'll check. okay first search results give this..­king/pakete/ MA13 cycling groups.

    I believe he will also do fixed rides if so desired and if you can bring bikes over i am sure the prices are negotiable. He's a nice guy so i would say get in touch with him to see if he can do a more personalised offer.

    If your looking for a bit of life after cycling there is nothing in Sineu (apart from a very flat velodrome track!) so it could be a quiet one. but i have never done a cycling holiday so i dont know what th normal practice is regarding 'Apres bici'.

    and as others have posted there are lots of other companies to look at and they will all be 80% German patrons. its a bit crazy these days. struggle to get a seat at a water break during the weekend. Max Hurzler holidays has definatley got the majority of custom I reckon.

    If anyone fancies a beer in Palma or indeed anywhere else on the island when you are here give me a shout.

  • Thanks for the info all.

    I'm staying in Polenca in the North for a 2 week family holiday in July - just planning a few days out on the road to keep my sanity. Roads look amazing.

  • I was there last year around the same time. Fucking hot as hell. Youre gonna need to be riding pretty early in the morning.

    I was staying in the south and there was a bike shop in Santanyi where i hired a pretty decent Trak Madone thingy. Probably a bit far south for you to go.


  • I'm in Mallorca for the next 4 days staying just near portixol. Does anyone know of some bike hire companies near by? I'd be surprised if there are fixed?

  • Meant to say I'd be surprised if there are fixed gear bike hire places.

  • Are you planning to visit one of the velodromes? If not I reckon you could do worse than these guys

  • There is nothing that rents track bikes however plenty renting road bikes...that link posted by Jaw is close to you.

    There are a couple of places renting bikes (propper road bikes, not boris equivelents) along the Can Pastilla- Arenal waterfont so you should have a choice.

    I am based in Palma and may have something (brakeless) available to lend you if you wanted to do a ride and are of similar size! what sort of use are u thinking? just pootliing around the city cafe to museum to cafe or something more heart thumping?

    if you just want a sit up city runaround you have plenty of choice available.

  • Jaw, thanks very much that place looks good and is only a couple of miles away.

    Markairsy, just wanted to have a look around the island really and I understand there are some hills so I think I might need a front brake! I'm 5 foot 9. Any decent routes you would recommend?

    Cheers guys.

  • i have a reasonable cyle map with gradients and distances with traffic weight colour coded roads if you wanted to borrow it. you could pick it up for about 5euros tho very easily

    personally i love the centre of the island as the hills are more undulating than mountainous (mountains which are amazing mind) and you have a huge amount of low traffic pro cycling country roads to choose from.

    i do most of my cycling using palma as a strting point so you need about 10km to get out of the suburbs and then you are in good shape. If you do this then Santa Maria is a good base to make a loop from where you have the choice to go mountains to the north west or flat to the east. you can also quite easliy get a train from Palma out to Sa Pobla or Manacor and start more north central of island and work your way back. there are plenty of routes so i would have a look at the sort of distance you want to do and the level of hills you would like to tackle.

    shamefully i do not have a road so have not been up into the mountaind more than a couple of times but if you can hack it they are quite spectcular.

    if you want some more info then just ask as i could end up writing a very long list of villages!

    you picked the right week as the sun is out again after an overcast previous 8 days. shock horror!

  • I'm in Mallorca for the next 4 days staying just near portixol. Does anyone know of some bike hire companies near by? I'd be surprised if there are fixed?
    I rented from a hotel in Santa Ponsa (not fixed though - that's very unlikely).

    I'll dig out the address when I'm home.

    There's some great cycling though.

  • Thanks for all the info guys. Quite excited about tomorrow now and yeah think i will invest in a map.

  • also you could also head straight from Arenal area toward LlucMajor and head north toward Algaida or furthe east to the other coast and you have plenty of lovely coutryside there to get at.

  • Im thinking of heading out to Mallorca as well.

    LFGSS on tour. BWEY!

  • well I'll be here.... need to get a roadie :)

  • I used this place a couple of times:

    Just brilliant - €25 per day for a brand new Van Nicholas with Ultegra - pick up the night before so you can start as early as you want.

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Majorca training camp/bike hire

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