• So seeing as how none of you slackers could pull yourself away from the TV or the Bernard Shaw yesterday, anyone up for a ride? Not as long, maybe just around 30km round trip or so, easy. I'd like to go out to the 40 Foot swimming spot just past Dun Laoghaire and throw myself in the water, then head back into town for a beer or two (or possibly a hot whiskey).

    Anyone game? We could take the coast road out through Ringsend and Sandymount, if people have suggestions for a different route back that'd be great cos I dont really know the southside of the city that well.

    Meetup at 7:30pm outside Pearse Station on Westland Row.

    State your preference for Wednesday or Thursday!

  • I wish I could come on these but my life has become consumed by work (and my bike is fucked)

  • I should really say positive responses only first please to encourage others to come out...

    Oh yeah of course the swimming is optional, you can all stand there and watch me grimace as I jump into the freezing water and laugh as my balls shrivel back to their birth size...

  • Bet it would be nice though! Nothing feels better than rocking upto a nice warm pub for some pub grub and a beer after freezing yourself silly in Irish waters!

  • I'd recommend having a feed in Jo'Burger in Blackrock on the way back, they have a nice bar area downstairs and the food is good and it's quite cosy. Alternatively... Tonic is a nice bar in Blackrock but never go there as it's in Blackrock

  • sounds good, see you all there hopefully

  • Oh 7.30pm meetup outside Pearse DART Station on Westland Row, just off Pearse Street.

  • Gav and I would be up for that. Love going out cycling that way. And Gav will ALWAYS go swimming no matter what the temperature (he's insane obviously). But we can't go on a Thursday, damn you, I'm in work and he is hopefully getting a job if his interview goes well tomorrow!

  • Well, how would Wednesday suit instead? It doesnt matter to me, I'm unemployed.

  • I'm going to keep scoping this. It sounds awesome and has 'fixie' in the title so I'm totally down for a Calabo between me and my bike called a hipsta-fixie (which is not the same as so-called 'cycling'), then a mash-up between me and the sea (also not at all like 'swimming' but a new conception of water and man) then beers where I can complain about it not being blue ribbon.

    So if I'm free (I might be making mix tapes) I'm there!!

  • I love swimming and cycling, and well I don't even have to mention the beers :D

    You guys are really tempting me now, I'm trying to stay off the bike let my arm heal

  • Sounds like a laugh and I should be able to make it this Wednesday - woohoo!

  • fuck, thurs suits me better as I've to work down at the picnic tomorrow and I doubt I'll be back by 7.30, pox, if all else changes I'm in for thurs

  • Shoo! Shoo!
    To dublinfgss with ye!

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Group Ride: Thursday Sep 3rd, 7.30pm (fixie triathlon - cycling, swimming, drinking)

Posted by Avatar for dubkev @dubkev