North London Road Riding- A Sunday Club for Women

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  • So you guys ride a 50 miler (or so)? Is it flattish or do you recommend more than one gear? I could be interested, but haven't really tested my (old, recently fixed up) geared bike...

  • It's a pretty gentle ride, tbh, it's about 30 miles and it's a gentle up hill most of the way. The girls I was riding with last time all went single or fixed, I ride geared thanks to a major knee trauma.

  • Nice - thanks! I'll try and make it.

  • Just so that you all know, make sure that you are there befor nine or we'll have to leave! gots to beat the traffic!

  • So you guys ride a 50 miler (or so)? Is it flattish or do you recommend more than one gear? I could be interested, but haven't really tested my (old, recently fixed up) geared bike...

    come with what you feel comfortable with is what's suggested in the OP, so do that.

    i shall be on my SA 3-speed anyway.

  • I'm hoping to make it this weekend, social whirliness permitting. Looking forward to putting a few names to faces of those who weren't on the 50Fixed ride.

    edit- Actually I can't. Have gone and double-booked myself... :(

  • me & mo mo maybe coming....

  • Ladies, watch this space tomorrow morning. It looks like rain of biblical proportions, and if so I'm not up for a ride. We've got a few people off sick at work and I can't bring myself to ride for a few hours in the wet.
    I'll let you all know by half 7 if i'm going to go, but it's pretty certain that If it's raining then I'm out till next week.
    If someone who is more hearty wants to lead the ride if it does rain, say so!

  • I was just about to say the same thing. If it's wet I"m out. If not I'm in. I don't have a spanner though. If the ride is on, does anyone have one that I could use in the case of a flat?

  • Sure, I'll bring my normal compliment of tools.

    Not liking the weather report...

  • aye, me neither. this massive rain shower is getting later and later. could start ride later too?

  • I dunno...the Beeb website seems to suggests that we've got "light showers" between 9am and 12pm...which would be do-able.

    Will check in here at 7.30 before I leave the house (and peek outside to see wa g'wan too)...

    I think we might get away with it though.

  • TBH, my first instict is to say sod it and spend some quality time with my turbo trainer instead. If their is a significant amount of you who still want to go to St Albans, then I'll do it despite qualms.

  • Arg. Was about to say it's on as the light drizzle I woke up to had stopped....but now it's starting again.
    I'm really sorry.

  • Yeah. Seems pretty iffy.

  • mmm, not sure i want to cycle 30 miles at the moment, and it has been raining most of the night.

    might use this as an excuse to clean and once-over the bike this morning anyway. since i'm up.

  • it was sprinkling when I looked out the window. Another time then.

  • defo another time

  • will there be another of these this winter? i hear we are in for the Tempest this year :(

  • I keep thinking... This sunday! Then it proceeds to piss it down and I get to hang out with my turbo trainer.

  • I think I mentioned this a while back, but just a reminder that there is a women's specific coaching session at Hillingdon this Sunday. It is designed for women who race or who are looking to get into racing (even if you don't want to race it is a great way of improving your group riding and bike handling skills).

    Venue: Hillingdon
    Time: 12.15 registration/warm-up for 1pm start (finish 3.15-3.15pm).
    Cost: £12 in advance or £22 on day

    PM me if you are interested and I will send you his contact details.

  • I know, the cold, wet and windy reality of living in the UK hit me last weekend. Are there ever any nice winter days? I really hope so as I haven't been on my bike in ages

  • Has anyone noticed that the weather was pretty beautiful in London this week, at least in the mid afternoons? (Evil wind aside...) I swear the weekends come, the heavens open and it's a real shitshow. I need to start freelancing so I can go out cycling on weekdays...

  • Or we could introduce siestas to British working days and go riding then?

  • Incase anyone feels like getting serious about next Summer:

    Sutton based Pearson Cycles have announced the launch of the official Pearson ladies development team for 2010.

    Spearheaded by two times Olympic medallist in rowing and now cyclist, Elise Laverick, they are looking for riders who aspire to join socially or competitatively a well structured team environment.

    This will include the help of British Cycling coach Dave Bradshaw who will help Elise coordinate a structure of training and team events throughout the year.

    If interested, please drop Will Pearson a line to register your interest -

    The first development ride will be:
    Date: 13 December 2009

    Meet: 8am Sheen Gate, Richmond Park click here for streetmap (for London based people but there will be an out of town meet as well but we need to see who is interested in coming).

    Plan: Easy ride with a coffee stop and chat as to what we are looking for in setting up a women's team.

    Ability: All abilities are encouraged and can split into groups if required.


    The South Western Road Club is looking for ladies, living in the Surrey area, to join a SWRC Ladies Team for the 2010 season.

    Assistance will be provided with race entries, team kit and some travelling expenses. The race calendar will include local Surrey League races plus ladies only events.
    Eventually we hope to take an active part in the Ladies Team Series.

    Our club runs take place on Saturday mornings from Cobham, Surrey with 4 groups riding at different levels. These are ideal for training during the winter and also chain gains in the summer months with help and advice. If you think you might be interested please contact Geoff Redhead, Club President on 07836 357 535.

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North London Road Riding- A Sunday Club for Women

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