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  • Does anyone have experience with anchor locks? I have to install one for locking up a couple of (relatively) cheap bikes outside my flat (inside a locked door).

    I intially looked at sheds / storage units, but those are too pricey (~£400 range). So I'm thinking now to use an anchor lock (see pic below) and a chain lock. I'm drilling into brickwork, but I would like to be able to remove it for if/when I move house. It's not a super high-risk area (my neighbours have a couple of BSOs freelocked together with a cheapo cable lock), and the bikes are nothing special (polo bike and a runaround), but I would rather they stayed where they were.

    Evans has some options in the £35-50 range, does anyone have comments to make on these (that I might find useful) before purchasing..?


    £50 (can be found cheaper elsewhere)


  • Potentially stupid question

    If an anchor works by screwing it into the brickwork, what stops a thief from coming tooled up and unscrewing it from the wall while you're out? Do they have one-way fittings or something?

  • I bought the bottom Abus version and didn't use it, ended up getting the top version and using that. Both are fine, you can get a decent sized chain through the top on and more through the bottom. The bottom one is very heavy.

    The difficulty I had and the reason I ended up using the top one was that you need a pretty big drill bit, as the attachment screws are massive - about 16mm for the top bracket and bigger for the bottom one, as I recall. Which is fine, except that some basic drills will only just take a 16mm bit, no bigger. Mind wouldn't and it cost me less to buy the top bracket than a new drill.

    Some little scrotes tried to steal the bikes that were locked to the bracket, they attacked the abus chain and the bracket, but didn't manage to cut through either.

    I still have the bigger bracket kicking about. I can get it out for you if you want to have a look...

    In response to konijn, there are caps to go over the screws that apparently are a complete arse to remove... but I've never tried tbh...

  • I think there's some non-removeable plug for most of the designs to stop tea-leafs just unscrewing the anchor.

  • @first lift last call - I'm interested in buying it from you if you fancy

  • i used the top one and also cemented it to the wall. The cement covered the screws etc. No problems after 5 years touches wood

  • I have a cordless 24v Dewalt SDS drill and drill bits if needed.

  • Might take you up on that, thanks. Will PM

  • The Abus is designed for installation into concrete. It has large (18mm) fixings which you hammer in and an allen bolt screws into the fixings. Once you have screwed in your bolts, a ball bearing fits into the top of the bolt and prevents it being unscrewed.

    Taking it with you when you move house is not an option!

  • Might take you up on that, thanks. Will PM

    No problems I am in W10

  • I just recently installed the kryptonite ground anchor. I bought it at the Parker International site as I think they had the cheapest price on it.

    It wasn't too difficult to install. It required a drill with a rotary hammer function and my 14.4v wasn't up to the task. Called a mate and used a big fuck-off corded one that drilled the holes nicely. Sunk the anchors and tightened the bolts, easy peasy.

    To prevent unscrewing it comes with bearings that you hammer into the allen heads of the screws and then metal caps that are smashed on top of that and deform to become more or less unremovable. I'm confident that anchor isn't going anywhere.

    If you want to take one with you when you move, well then that's going to compromise the security you get from one. You have to decide if that trade off is worth it. The anchor wasn't that much money so I'm fine with picking up another whenever we eventually move.

    If you're drilling into brickwork then you won't need a massive drill. My 14.4v Black and Decker was able to do that. I just wanted it in the ground for convenience and extra security. As I said, that anchor isn't going anywhere.

  • Anyone got any recommendations for anchors? I'm thinking of putting one into a brick wall...

  • B&Q do a Master branded anchor and chain combo for £20 that I've bought three of (2 for push bikes, 1 for motorbike).

    Homebase do the same thing at over £35.

    It's not got a Sold Secure rating so that might put you off but they seem plenty tough to me.

  • Skully, I've got one of these that I never ended up using.­nd-anchor/?lang=en&curr=GBP&dest=1&utm_s­ource=pla&utm_medium=base&utm_campaign=u­k&kpid=5300043762

    Obvs a ground anchor though. If you're interested drop me a pm.

  • The Oxford Brute Force Anchor is only Silver rated, but it's pretty solid. Cheap too. Another review here.

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Anchor locks

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