Sort-of memes that are cracking you up at the moment

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  • Avril Lavigne "singing" bite me on the dick

  • She is "the" new sir paul mccartney

  • Is this a really album

  • Is this a really album

    Indeed it is: VPGSCD2731

  • Does anyone know how/why Farage has got involved with the Djokovic thing? Seems insanely random.

  • Jumping on a passing bandwagon? Maybe there is an overlap between anti-vaxers and brexiteers.
    He was on R4 recently saying he had 2 doses but was undecided about a booster as though he knew some great secret.

  • The combo of 80 Tory seats and Russia cashing in on energy prices making him irrelevant would be my guess.

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  • He was on R4 recently

    Is he ever off the BBC? They should just give him Kuenssberg's job and be done with it.

  • That's excellent!

  • He was on Any Questions on Saturday, the only part I couldn’t avoid hearing was him banging on about the Coulson 4, and being completely wrong about it from the off, stating that they’d pleaded guilty to criminal damage - they hadn’t. He’s so full of shit, I cannot understand why the BBC give him any exposure.

  • I cannot understand why the BBC give him any exposure.

    Partly because he's good box office, partly because they are obliged by charter to provide balance but they have literally no idea what that actually means, so they provide airtime to the lunatic fringes of the left/right spectrum without ever straying far from their big-government orthodoxy on the libertarian/authoritarian axis.

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  • Crazy that he's arguably the most important British politician of this century.

  • arguably the most important British politician of this century

    A bit early to judge, but if you want to give him all the credit for being the figurehead who got a particular reaction to the disastrous preceding decade over the line, then maybe the most important British politician of the 2010s.

  • Surely making sure they wouldn’t want to move to the UK - who would want to live next door to such a toxic individual?

    That plus there must be a grift somewhere

  • So important that he could only get elected, oh delicious irony, to the European Parliament when, if he did show up, the only thing he did was make his colleagues utterly sick of his non constructive contributions

  • There are very few people in this world - well two actually (the other being the scumbag ex husband of my sister in law who scammed me for a couple of grand; Robert Ronald Randall of Whitby just in case someone meets him) that I would be unable to prevent myself punching repeatedly in the face. Nigel Farage is one. To be fair though, Rob Randall is a hardcore druggie and NF appears to be a spitting image puppet so I doubt my knuckles would change the aesthetics of either. It would still feel very good however.

  • Not saying he's not a cunt. But under his leadership UKIP gained enough traction to threaten the Tory's chances at power to the point that they put forward a referendum that has resulted in the downgrading of the UK as a world power, potentially breaking up the Union and weakened the EU at a time when the old world powers are waning.

    I'd say that makes a strong case for him one of the most important and influential British politicians so far this century.

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Sort-of memes that are cracking you up at the moment

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