Sort-of memes that are cracking you up at the moment

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  • I think it riffs off that “call me daddy” stuff

  • The creature ends up being called DADDY long legs, implying some sort of BDSM kinkiness

    Why would a scientist call an insect a spider

  • Daddy Long Legs.

    Hadn't meant to post it twice.

  • Post-truth world innit.

  • We've had enough of experts I suppose

  • Why would a scientist call an insect a spider

    Because it was the wrong kind of scientist. They asked for an entomologist, but they got an etymologist.

  • I think it's actually because they were joke scientists talking about a joke spider in the context of a joke, which I have now ruined. Night all

  • This just feels too Henry V to not be a piss take.

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  • I hope the bike they gave the Queen had grips that matched the saddle.

  • If you don't think that feminist issues apply to trans women, you clearly don't recognise trans women as "real women" and are therefore a transphobe

    This is where the “RF” bit of “TERF” came from, before it became a generic term for transphobes and instead referred to a subset of the radfem mvmt.

    The argument I think was ultimately telling trans women to check their privilege from the period pre-transition where patriarchal society coded / viewed them as a “man”. When you write it out like that it sounds bonkers.

  • My £.02 : it’s a valuable conversation that you’re all having, I really think that, but please consider the impact that discussing mistreatment, disenfranchisement, injustice, intolerance can have on other users. Especially those who aren’t in a good place, and who come to this thread because it’s silly memes and some banter, and doesn’t focus on the heavy stuff.

  • We've had enough of experts I suppose

    not sure whether you're referring to the spider meme replies or the page-long off-topic disussion but either way I do agree

  • Excellent.

  • More memes please

  • I'm most struck by the fact the current groupset shortage clearly doesn't apply to Boris/politicians. No problem getting Di2 if you're Matt Hancock, probably.

  • Credit: my sister

    “Get ready to feel old…”

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  • the whole article is full of wtfs about how the state department works...

  • ha! look at the size of that passport sticker on that pineapple.

  • Good point. Also, I want to apologise if it sounded like I was putting words in anyone's mouth, my post could have been structured better.

  • .

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  • Commissioned by the Chinese Govt. to depict of the G7 meeting apparently. Clearly there’s cultural nuance I’m missing, ‘cuz I think it’s hilarious.

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  • TF is going on with that gearing?

    Or do I just not undetstand beik any more?

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Sort-of memes that are cracking you up at the moment

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