Sort-of memes that are cracking you up at the moment

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  • That bit when he got to the top of the slide & the camera panned down to the badly drawn cock & balls - magnificent

  • Local to me is Humpitts removals with the tagline "we hump anything" under their name on the side of the van.

    Back on track, no doubt been posted before but here goes

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  • This is Blackburn. My home town. A decent place with mainly decent people that has been abandoned by governments - local and national - for 40 odd years. The result is that people are so disengaged from politics that this sort of crap will probably win him votes.

  • A California shipping company in the 60's ran with the tag line "If we can't truck it, fuck it"

    Possibly. It's mentioned in a book, details forgotten.

  • Scaffolding has always seemed to be a dodgy profession to me.

    'Would you like to just wear a Hi Viz vest and no safety helmet while people 6 stories up throw scaff clamps at you?'

  • Bollywood audition video?

  • Like most trades it’s mostly safe if you do it by the book. Of course, reading is hard and taxing so just crack on til you fuck up then cover your tracks afterwards.
    Not wearing fall protection up a scaffold is just macho posturing. A lot of guys wear their harness(to satisfy the hse person on site)but securely ziptie the lanyard to the back so it doesn’t get in the way. Utter madness.

    @Stonehedge I know multiple wood butchers with doctorates, tech certs and other surprisingly crazy qualifications. An equal number can barely walk and talk at the same time tho.

  • So good, who convinced him that was the money shot.

  • I raced a few regional A road races with a member of blazing squad. he was pretty rapid and a really, really nice guy. they reformed and did a couple of dates at KOKO that sold out pretty much immediately. big fan

  • What did he say to himself just before finishing?

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  • True story, big shout out to Chelsea George at the Effra...

  • Not a meme, but that ship has sailed, and I'm not about to resurrect the gifs thread

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  • Mesmerizing

  • He needs to learn to 2k7-fixie-skidder-super-handlebar mount.

    (When I was said skidder in 2007, little did I realise that it would come in handy when I had a dad bike with a kiddie seat on the back, just 5 short years later.)

  • Ah, the soho swing. Best done after a skinful in front of a busy pub, hitting the bars with your foot, and ending up in a heap amid laughter and applause.

  • When I broke Mark's leg playing football, he was off work with no pay for about four months.

    Sort of career endangering injuries that were mildly inconvenient in the past?

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  • When I was at college (too many years ago) there was scaffolding on the end of one of the buildings. The guys working on there were like chimps on Sunny D. One of them was chucking the poles down within inches of a door to our classroom, no warning. Next day destiny caught up with him when he slipped and fell from ten feet up and came to an abrupt and temporary halt when his feet followed different sides past the remaining horizontal scaffold frame before he turned semi-unconscious, through 90 degrees and continued to the ground.

  • He just got elected!

  • Gives hope for Count Binface!

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Sort-of memes that are cracking you up at the moment

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