Sort-of memes that are cracking you up at the moment

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  • 5 Cuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnttt!

  • #9 David Prowse, Green Cross Code man. JEJ just provided the more Hollywoody, less Bristolian voice.

    Use the force, moi luvverrr!

  • Dave Prowse

    Oh, of course. Doi

  • Hah! I'm literally listening to them right now. I never knew what they looked like.

  • Oi foinds yurr lack of faith disturrbin

  • ...and 5 is Sajid Javid, Chancellor since July. Got it.

    My grasp of UK politics is clearly slipping since I moved to Aus 7 years ago.

  • Darth Prowse off Star Trek.

  • Oh that's what Sajid javid looks like, I thought it was one of those new fangled dildos that someone had left in the sun for too long and had melted a bit.

  • You say potato, because he looks like a potato.

  • Darth Prowse off Star Trek.

    Love his "teardrops on the dancefloor" speech

  • Use the force, moi luvverrr!

    Ha ha haaaaaah!

  • Amazing film, RIP Rutger Hauer.

  • No 1 top left: Cary Grant.

    Who knew he was from Brizzle?

    From the south-west to north by north-west!

  • Saucy

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  • sorry not sorry

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  • A poor approximation?

  • The top one is the Einstein field equation from general relativity, the bottom is Newtonian gravity, which is an approximation.

    It's so idiotically niche that it made me laugh.

    Fun fact, that lambda is one of the numbers that determines whether or not we get a big crunch or a heat death at the end of the universe

  • :')

    Also plus one for big crunch pls

  • the bottom is Newtonian gravity, which is an approximation.

    Didn't calculations based on that take us to the moon though? Mom (sic) might have a point.

  • Yes, but mom would be living in a world without GPS and certain other very precisely timed systems

    Although the Global Positioning System (GPS) is not designed as a test of fundamental physics, it must account for the gravitational redshift in its timing system, and physicists have analyzed timing data from the GPS to confirm other tests. When the first satellite was launched, some engineers resisted the prediction that a noticeable gravitational time dilation would occur, so the first satellite was launched without the clock adjustment that was later built into subsequent satellites. It showed the predicted shift of 38 microseconds per day. This rate of discrepancy is sufficient to substantially impair function of GPS within hours if not accounted for. An excellent account of the role played by general relativity in the design of GPS can be found in Ashby 2003.

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Sort-of memes that are cracking you up at the moment

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