Sort-of memes that are cracking you up at the moment

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  • I leave mine to stand for 10mins...

    Food thread >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • That all sounds good except the salt.

  • Pro tip: Add a cardamom pod, a few cumin seeds and a teaspoon of turmeric at the start of cooking... Salt is fine...

  • If you're having a curry, obvs...

  • Stirring is for blemmers.

  • one stir at boil, is all it wants

    cardamom and turmeric, and sometimes a star anise

  • bazmatiriotz - neva4get

  • Stirring is for uncle bens quick cook boil in the bag'ers.


  • I meant it! Blemmers gonna blem.

  • Pro tip: Add a cardamom pod

    Pro tip 2: Make sure you take the cardamom pod out before serving the rice to any guests, those things can be quite a surprise if you bite into one when you're not expecting it.

    I quite like about a teaspoon per person of fennel seeds in with the rice.

  • Black cardamom, cinammon stick, star anise, citrus peel. All good.

  • citrus peel

    Zest and juice, but no pith pleathe.

  • Are you taking the pith out of my lithp?

  • Almond flakes and coconut is good, also sometimes I will heat some butter in a frying pan and give the rice a bit of colour before I put water etc in it. Also tend to use the mixed wild variety from the supermarket, the mixed coloured grains look awesome

  • Look at you... Mr gourmet rice maker you.

  • Basmati only

  • Basmati only

    Properly aged, of course.

  • Properly aged, of course.

    and hung

  • No talk of cloves here? Man, bang some cloves in the rice once it's in the rice cooker, let them sit on the top where you can see them and easily remove them. Your rice will taste like cloves which is nice. Asda rice cooker is a tenner, if you struggle with rice then get on it.

  • what?

  • Teenslain...
    Internet > everything else.

    If that's Teenslain, this must be Scoble:

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Sort-of memes that are cracking you up at the moment

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