Sort-of memes that are cracking you up at the moment

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  • no wonder white van drivers are such a hazard

  • he does love minerals...

  • thanks for spoilers chaps

  • Frank die? aw bugger.

  • Spoilers? You're so August. Want to know how it ends?

  • walt's brakes get cut and he drives off a cliff with jesse thelma and louise stylee. hence 'brakeing bad'.

    glad they tied it all up.

  • and then they blow up the death star before the big boat sinks on it's maiden voyage

  • That's not what happens. The Matt Damon with shellfish allergy one wins using the Crane kick technique.

  • the chinaman pisses on his rug right at the end

  • Good luck to anyone who hasn't seen breaking bad and wants to avoid finding out what happens. impossible!

  • I'd get off the internet for starters

  • just watch it already

  • Half saw that, but scrolled past quickly so I'm pretending I don't know/remember. The whole BB thing is a pain because I'm watching it with my GF and she is away so I have to wait.

    I'm not sure why people seem to feel the need to spoil things. I guess I could just boycott the internet and live back in the real world for a bit.

    ...anyway in other memes men vs women facebook status':

    (pretty much exactly what you'd expect)

  • I'm not sure why people seem to feel the need to spoil things.

    I don't think they did it on purpose, just full of excitement to talk about BB.

  • You're probably right, although some people do.

    (no connection to anything)

  • Fuck - Jesus died? Thanks for the spoiler.

  • Don't worry, he comes back in Jesus 2 the Resurrection.

  • that's barry gibb isn't it?


  • NoooooooOOOOOooooo not dumberdoor! D: D: D: D:

  • Is this in Bladerunner?

  • You remember Bladerunner...

  • I am careful not to share spoilers for anything because I hate it when it's done to me (be it in error or not).

    Having said that, isn't it a bit arrogant to assume anyone gives a shit about wether or not you've seen a show/film etc and to adapt the way they interact and share information about it based purely on the fact that someone might not have seen it? And then be angry about it?

    What's the timescale for stuff like this too...? I'm not chatting about BreBa on Facebook because I know people might not have caught up with it yet but I'll happily talk about other stuff that again, I know people might not have seen but they really should have... The Titanic Sinks, Vader is Luke's Dad, Bruce Willis is a ghost, Verbal is Soze etc etc­iH25tyYCI/AAAAAAAAm-A/1CPYsWIB5DQ/s1600/­i_the_best_memes_of_breaking_bad_001_500­3c91f9caab.jpg

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Sort-of memes that are cracking you up at the moment

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