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  • My apologies for my breach of protocol. It won't happen again. In mitigation, it is not me who is selling the Bates frame parts, although the tubes did come from me originally.

  • Can you now start another thread apologising for starting a complete pointless apology thread?

  • ^ +1 that would make me and other forum peoples feel happy :)

  • Thread dredge, just because I need to apologise to a few forum members.
    I think I have a fairly decent reputation (on here) with regards to selling stuff, replying to pms, and swift(ish) delivery.
    I don't know whether it's because of postal strikes, meaning more people are using Evri, but stuff I've sent out on Sunday has yet to be delivered. I am keeping an eye on tracking, doesn't seem to be updating as often as usual.
    So, sorry to the following people (fingers crossed, you'll get your stuff soon).

  • Extremely diligent + decent of you J! Can confirm, great communication, and no worries on the delay but thanks for the heads up.

  • Thanks, just checked tracking again, apparently you, @spj7 , and @TheBonk should be getting your stuff today.

  • What a gent. +rep

  • Ah, you've not met me, that may change your opinion.
    But thanks anyway ;)

  • No need to apologise! I'll let you know when the bits arrive.
    For the record, jontea did me a great deal on some overshoes and threw in some waterproof socks for good measure. No complaints from me at all!

  • Cheers for the vote of confidence.
    When I drop stuff on a Sunday it usually gets delivered Tues/Weds.
    Although I did drop yours and bj22's off Tuesday, so would've thought today/tomorrow, but what's really boiled my piss is that bj22's parcel (Mr Pink and wheels) didn't get collected Tuesday (new collection driver is a bit of of a parcel fascist it seems, box was 2cms too wide!) But I didn't get informed til this morning.

    I just don't like to keep people waiting for stuff they've handed over coin for, especially as we're all working on trust here (not many of us know eachother).
    Anyhow, to those who've had to wait, thank you so much for your patience.

  • Very good of you to chase it all up! I'm glad you shifted the Mr Pink, such a good bike that deserves to be ridden.

  • Yeah I'm glad it's gonna get used too, a fine bike. I will probably miss it, but it's just stuff, and I could do with less stuff.

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