Wales' first alleycat

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  • I was thinking of heading to Wales' first alleycat for the craic. Anyone heard about it already? Details are on

  • Doubt I'll make it but if you're looking for a place to crash I know an Italian who was raised in Wales, he's one of only about 6 couriers in Cardiff I think, met him here when he came over for the championships in '07, he crashed in mine for 2 days, sound bloke, owes me a favour

  • Thanks man, if I decide to go and run into trouble I'll take you up on that. As it happens the organiser seems to have already located a few floors (saving you an IOU). I was considering getting a ferry from Wexford to Pembroke then cycling the 90km to Swansea but I have no idea what the topography is like so apart fom the huge distance it might be undoable

  • Ad, you're never gonna make the 90k, not on a fixie... Wales isn't flat like most of Dublin is. I should know!

    Your best bet is to get a cheap Ryan Air flight to Bristol and get the train down. It will cost you 60 euros for your bike though, that's the only problem. I don't know how much the train is, I'd say about 20 sterling. Going by ferry will take way too long, and getting from Dublin to Rosslare and then Fishguard to Swansea will be a hassle.

    I still want to go to this, Tyron has been asking me every couple days to come over... but realistically, I don't know if we can. Bearing in mind that for me and Gav to go over it will be the cost of two flights, two return train tickets, 120 for bikes, and also money for food and drink... not really a wise idea seeing as we're already meant to be saving and only seem to be spending on bike parts at the moment!!

    Sorry for inviting you and then probably having to abandon you!

  • Use mapmyride to find out the kind of topography you can expect. 90k would be grand on a fixed (depending on your gearing and hilliness) however, don't expect to be competitive the following day.

  • I don't know the area so I wouldn't win it anyway :-D I figure I'd still be grand for trackstand contests (but that's probably it)

  • Best out of towner is still a win! But I know what you mean.

  • Okay so I've checked out prices and it's €96 for a return ticket from Rosslare to Swansea (this is via Stenaline and their rail-and-sail offer). Basically, make your way to Rosslare then grab a ferry at 9am then you arrive in Fishguard at 12.30pm then grab a train (at 1.27pm) from there to Swansea. There is one transfer in Llanelli and you arrive in Swansea at 3.22pm.

    Anyone up for it? I've emailed Arriva asking how many bicycles are allowed per train so hopefully I'll hear back from them soon

  • now that's not bad....... just a bit of food money on top of that would be fine. How much is a return on the train from Dublin to Rosslare though? We're gonna have to see at the end of September if it will be possible, all depends on how rapidly/unrapidly redundancy finances are depleteing!!

  • Unless I'm mistaken the train to Rosslare is the same as the one to Arklow which I rang up Connolly Station about, and they said no bikes on the trains. I might jump into the station today and have a proper look / ask around. The whole thing seems a bit ridiculous.

  • Just take off your wheels tie them to the frame and wrap it in black bags!

  • yeah this is what we used to do with bmxes on the dart...
    just disassemble the bike a bit on the train.

    It's RIDICULOUS though, the government trying to encourage cycling in Dublin and then you can't even take one on the train. This really pisses me off.

  • We should have a big protest about this!

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Wales' first alleycat

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