Crap 'Buzzwords'

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  • I find media buzzwords/terms to be one of the most irritating aspects of modern existence. In the city they are almost impossible to avoid due to the overwhelming profusion of advertising and marketing. My least favourites currently are:



    'current economic climate'


  • 'fixed wheel'

  • hipster

  • Think yourself lucky you don't work in an Ad agency - feel like jabbing scalpels through my eardrums on a daily basis - especially when the clueless AD's start panicking two days before the pitch...

  • Chillax, it's not that bad.

  • God, I can imagine... Five years at architecture school was bad enough.


    pukes on cock

  • Chillax, it's not that bad.

    How very 'Metrosexual' of you.

  • Boy, am I happy I work in IT. All my colleagues talk about is Star Trek.

  • 'state of the art'

  • 'staycation'


  • Clichés welcome too!

  • 'staycation'


    Having a vacation at home.

  • 'staycation'


    It's when you choose to spend your holiday in the UK because a) it's really nice here and b) because it will 'boost the economy'.

    stay + vacation = staycation.

    It's made much worse by the cringeworthy Americanism... since when do we use the word vacation here anyway?

  • Jesus... thats horrible.

  • Embrace the irony of these words. It will make life so much less painful.

    Especially in harsh economic climates like the current "credit crunch".

  • "Defriended". But only cos the word sounds so clunky, NOT because it's happened to me.

    "Staycation" is horrendous. TV presenters have started using it without explaining the meaning, which probably means it's here to stay, language lovers.

  • "buzzword"

    They don't buzz, they don't create a buzz, no one gets a buzz from saying them except the chronically emotionally retarded.

    However, I would like to send some of the creators of these words on a flaycation.

  • Ha, 'credit crunch'! How could I forget?

    It must have been fully absorbed. A few months ago it would have been number one on the list.

  • "twitter"


    both make me want to puke my moustache off

  • Blogosphere haaaaaaahaha 531 lol

  • It's made much worse by the cringeworthy Americanism... since when do we use the word vacation here anyway?

    Holistay would be so much better.

  • Remember that guy who ordered the knife and it took ages to arrive, and he filmed the "unboxing". Like it was some bloody religious ceremony???

    Surely you just "open it"

  • Holistay would be so much better.

    I suppose it would, just about. At least it would reference the vernacular.

  • 'Fit for purpose' makes me want to boil my face off.

    I really like 'pockets of resistance', on the other hand.

  • Some marketing God recently moved into our office and the other day he was on the phone and he uttered the phrase

    'run this one up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes it'

    I put my headphones on after hearing that and haven't removed them since. I was mortified

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Crap 'Buzzwords'

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