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  • I was wondering if anyone here started off riding bmx before starting to ride freestyle fixed gear? Was thinking about trying some tricks on my fixie but am unsure where to start apart from skidding and fakies / backward circles. It feels so strange doing everything on such a large bike. If you have ridden bmx before, have you found it easier/harder to ride freestyle on a fixie?

  • i live on my bmx for 16 years now.

    sure the tricks are harder to pull on the big bike ;)
    (dont talk about trackstand or riding backwards, thats easier with a fixed hub)

  • yup, I love fakies, I can fakie forever on my bmx and love doing a number of tricks into fakies, but I can't seem to get the hang of it on my fixie, it freaks me out!! :-0

  • I bmxed for ten years, jumped on a fixed for a year of commuting/tricks/bombing around town etc, after this i've concluded that as much as I love riding fixed, i'm going back to an SS 24 inch mtb for tricks with a freecoaster, fakie is completely different on fixed, but once you can fakie on fixed you can do it on anything!
    My fakie riding got really good on fixed, and after a year of no bmx pretty much, I jumped straight on a mates bmx and fakied for 15-20 ft first time! It was worth riding fixed just to learn that, my fakie skills used to be shit on bmx lol!

  • I somehow badly sprained my thumb doing a barry handlespin air.

    something that is so easy i could do it with my eyes closed and have never fucked up in 10 years of doing it.

    3 weeks off riding is not a nice feeling, in fact suicide seems a more pleasant option

  • I'd love to be able to barspin on a fixie as I loved doing them on my bmx, but at the moment I need different bars and forks before I can do that!

    Hope you heal soon.

    Beks :)

  • I wouldn't mind doing it on my SS bike as it has narrow riser bars and is easy to wheelie, but it would only work with a 650 front wheel,

  • i came for the dirt jumping background im too tall for a bmx

  • I come from a mainly flatland/street/miniramp background.Looking forward to trying stuff on a bigger frame,Just got to get a bike now,atb Gary

  • trick track is bound to have a load of stuff on this

  • i came from the swamp

  • i came from the swamp

    Dicki, I didn't realise you were born in Norfolk…

  • I rode bmx for a few years n never got very good at it.
    Then started riding ss then fixed for commuting/getting about while i was still bmxing.
    Got into polo and had a trickworthy bike so started messing about with barspins n fakies n hops etc.
    Then decided i liked riding freewheel for polo so built separate polo and trick bikes plus i had a ss commuting/utility bike so sold my bmx.
    Did fixed freestyle mainly as a way of keeping in touch/spending time with my bmx mates, i didn't ride my fixed freestyle bike as much as i should have for what it cost me. I wasn't really any good and wasn't getting any better.
    Got bored of my only fixed bike being pretty heavy, slow and not much use for long rides so turned my ss utility bike into a lightweight fixie and got knocked off it the 2nd time i rode it like that. Got a replacement bike from the insurance, got to keep the only slightly damaged one and i was also building a bmx from parts i still had kicking around or got from mates.
    I reckoned a polo bike, a trick bike, 2 lightweight quick fixies and a bmx were too many bikes so i punted my trick frame, kept the good parts for other bikes, made the crashed lightweight fixie into a ss polo bike and binned or sold the parts that made up my previous polo bike.
    So now i have a ss polo bike, a fast fixed wheel bike, a bmx and enough parts to build another fixie when i find the right frame/fork.
    So iv pretty much went full circle.
    I think this next bike i build will be something sturdy enough to hop some kerbs n stairs on but still retaining a kinda classic look. Steel frame, 32 or so wide tyres. maybe a 650c/26" front wheel so it'll barspin etc. Cheap but strong and thrashable.

  • Yeah that's my feeling and what I'm sortinge - my fixed just needs to be able to hop kerbs, survive a bit of off road etc. The bmx is for other stuff.

  • I'm going back the other way. Love my fixed, but want something more fun for local "hop on" and boot about action. Used to have a BMX which I sold to build up my first fixed. But I reckon the best thing is to have both!

  • I rode dirt BMX for about 4 years, digging trails in winter getting them nice for summer and stuff. I rode to college on BMX and stuff, but then when I had to travel further to work, I started to get horrid aching in my lower back due to not sitting down and having a bad posture when riding on the little bike.

    I built up a fixed wheel bike because it being so much better for me that riding a BMX for distance, and rode that for when I needed to travel rather then to play. I then found myself thinking, could I back hop of this things can I bunny hope this stuff just light tricks I guess. I then got myself a plug freestyler with a sweet sweet fork and started to trick ride. It is fun, but nothing beats trails on a BMX. I seem to find myself on dirt/grass banks rather than a skatepark or anything street ish.

    In fact I am thinking of selling the bike if anyone wants to help take it off my hands...;)

  • failed bmxers.

  • I'm having second thoughts about selling mine.

  • Your BMX or fixed freestyle*

  • What does that mean?

  • It is fun, but nothing beats trails on a BMX.

    Amen to that! Damn i miss trails. are there any near-ish London? someone give me a reason to build up another bmx and get back riding dirt...

  • Pinner trails were always legendary (never went but read about them), I don't have a clue if they are still going, probably not. PGM knows some other trails in North London.

  • Wisley (out in Surrey). only 40mins out of Waterloo on the train, then a short (ish) bike ride from Cobham station.

    bloody amazing!

  • Has anyone ever tried out the track OUTSIDE Herne Hill...? There's a BMX dirt track around the perimeter.. (I've seen it from a distance but haven't a clue what it's actually like....)

  • Which isn't this one... even though it's close.

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BMX to Fixie

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