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  • or Amazon decided to be dicks

    Not altogether sure they've ever been anything else.

  • The biggest worry with the home assistants, which I'll address when I redo the wiring and networking in my flat, is that the echo dot is on the same network as everything else in my flat, so it could be used as a launchpad for an attack if a vulnerability was found (or Amazon decided to be dicks). I should really move it to its own DMZ to partition it off from everything else.

    Is that any different to any other device though?

  • My BT TV box does not need to talk to anything else.
    My Echo Dot does not need to talk to anything else.
    Guest wireless devices don't need to talk to anything else.

    So all of those can be partitioned away individually.

    The rest of the devices (computers mainly) need to be able to talk to each other. I don't have anything else that's network enabled.

    I've been helping my downstairs neighbours with his Ubiquiti stuff so I guess I'll be heading that way when I eventually get around to the GrandRewire(TM).

  • I see what you mean now. I thought you meant that the Amazon stuff was the only device of that type.

    I should probably do the same at some point. I guess it would involve having two wireless networks.

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