Wanted: 1/8" 110BCD Chainring

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  • Recently saved a Raleigh Clubman (35 or 25 years old, some discrepancy with the serial numbers for 'em) from getting skipped. The cranks it has are pretty decent and I would like to keep as much of the original parts as possible and source the other parts second-hand if possible. It's just the chainrings are 3/32" and are quite worn, so would be nice to find a chunkier one of same BCD (which may be hard?).


  • If you want a new one, Cycle Underground is a source. He is in Australia, and the postal system does work, even from Australia.
    I have polished mine (Design 9, 4mm, 1/8th, 44 teeth 110BCD)

  • PM to Joseph

  • That Cycle Underground place looks pretty nice! May go that way if I don't have any other luck - thanks Big Block

  • I got a NOS sugino one from Alansbmx then polished the the colour off (only red, blue and gold available). It's a cheaper option at £6+£3.50 posted but depends on whether you have access to a polisher to remove the colour:

  • Never thought about BMX sprockets! Will probably order one of them then as they're pretty cheap! Not too bothered about colours.. could always get the silver one anyway. Thanks!

  • I got a NOS sugino one from Alansbmx ...

    I tried that and with that outlets attitude to money from overseas it was going to cost the same as the Cycle Underground.
    see my rant here

  • That's seem like a lengthily struggle! I live in London though and have ordered from Alans before for some stuff for my bmx so it should be alright. Still going to hang on to see if I can get anything second-hand or cheaper (if possible!?) though as it's going to be a while until I've finshed painting my frame!

  • No matter what sort of chain ring you get your final build's still gonna look whack Joseph.


  • :O Still bros?

  • Ordered the Sugino chainring from Alan's yesterday, got the gold 44 tooth. They also happened to have the KMC chain I was after for only £5.99 too! And got a cog yesterday for £2. So thanks guys for getting me a dirt cheap drive train!

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Wanted: 1/8" 110BCD Chainring

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