Draw your own collisions

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  • Cheers dude. Yes well neither was I! Anyway I'm being released today. If anyone has any DBAD, radavist, enve, or 'Beddlestead Is For Lovers' stickers send em my way, I need to HHRB my crutches

  • Surely you get some stickers in the box with that titanium rod? I bet it cost more than a Moots.

  • That is a GOOD idea Sparks

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery Dan :) we were toasting you Awesomeness last night in Clapham

  • Bring on the bionic dan, heal up @youramericanlover you’ll soon be back to commando rolling through the trees looking for a good pissing spot.

  • yikes!

    welcome to screw club!!

    what a time to snap your leg.

    hope you have a proper chance to rest up over chrimbo and wishing you a speedy recovery.

    hope you're back up and at 'em as soon as.


  • Mini roundabout, my right of way. Holland Park this am.
    Bentley Bentayga (4*4),

    Driver was following an estate car in front of him who had right of way, but didn't see me. 5mph crash, I stayed upright. Alas my rack has left a lovely scratch in his front right wing.

    He was very apologetic and was most concerned that he hadn't caused harm. We both drove/rode away.

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  • CETMA rack is unharmed

  • Needs poo

  • I thought the Bentley was filling that role quite nicely....

  • @mashton, fair but no poo involved, unless it is the driver pooing himself.

  • He'll probably shit himself when he gets the repair bill.

  • Glad you're OK.

    Presumably, this was at Ladbroke Road/Ladbroke Terrace? And was it while the A402 was congested (if you saw)?

  • Hello @Oliver Schick
    Bit disturbing you know the junction.

    I usually ride in before any traffic builds up, but no I don't think it was congested.

  • Well, it wasn't exactly hard to work out given that it's the only mini-roundabout in the area. :)

    I was just asking because I've noticed people rat-running along there before, but if it was early it was probably just someone driving carelessly for other reasons.

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Draw your own collisions

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