Draw your own collisions

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  • A free interpretation of me stacking it a few months back in Bermondsey, with apologies to Samuel Palmer and Breughel the Elder

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  • wheres the turd

  • PS I tried to write a tiny LFGSS on the hat, but failed on this crappy laptop

    PPS one of the sheep has just done a poo (see attached revision)

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  • From a couple of weeks ago

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  • Bonus points for fluoro deep rims and bartape

  • I hit the deck like a sack of sprouts this morning somewhere in icy somerset.

    With the heavy bike and panniers I slid right down the hill into a village green postbox (as illustrated).

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  • Well, as it seems you were bearing late xmas parcels wrapped with bows the village green PB was the ideal choice to bump into, no?

  • ^ This: I love a happy ending.

  • My panniers contained some presents (from others, to me)... so I used some artistic license there.

    The only damage was the (now pureed) bananas in my jacket.

  • Good use of turd and snowflakes, always a great coupling. Disappointed about the lack of banana's.

    8/10 would look at again.

  • Another brilliant drawing for this great thread.
    Glad you're alright too.
    Tough break about the 'nana though mate. Hope you get a new one soon.

  • Why no crashes? Has everyone been for cycle training?

  • Bikes with wide tyres and hydraulic discs are much harder to crash it seems...

  • Why no crashes? Has everyone been for cycle training?

    (Everybody be safe though!)

  • (Everybody be safe though!)

    Yeah, nothing deadly or painful, just comedy pratfalls into dog poo and so forth.

  • Bah, I was really hoping to see @stedlocks hero-save on here!

  • I slid right down the hill into a village green postbox (as illustrated)

    I am still loving this.

  • Another beater just went to heaven... big thanks to forum member thebrenthamtaffy for saving this classic Halfords 1986 Olympic from land fill. I rebuilt her and she went on to transporting my mate to and from work faithfully for the last few years!

  • To be honest, my mates email is funnier than the comic - here it is in all it's glory (perhaps this should be in another section):

    So the bike has finally gone to God.

    I was riding home from work and some guy decided to open his car door just as I was coming past. I completely face planted the door. The front fork snapped, wheel came off, and the rest of the frame will no longer pass any structural tests, I’m sure.

    I was swearing my head off at him, and he asked me why I had to use such language, haha. After telling him what a fucking idiot he was, he asked me what about his car door. I told him I don’t give fuck and was left to walk home carrying what remains of the bike, nursing some bruises and sore head.

    There will be a service in memory of the bike in Amsterdam this Saturday at noon. It would be nice is you could come and give your final respects before throwing it in a canal.

  • Long may you and your friends crash your bikes in the vicinity of poo.

  • Welded by Tommy Pickles before his time on the Rugrats.

  • Quite some time ago I dented a car. I was only getting into riding anything 700c wheels at the time, particularly fixed, and naturally, I was quite upset (luckily this was all the damage for me). Later I reasoned that the driver was a nature-destroying (to the T)wat.

    edit: apart from the obvious disregard for grass the guys in the car were straight nice.

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  • i thought i'd killed him. horrible. he was fine though, what a prick. i'm bruised to shit, can't even straighten my arm.

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Draw your own collisions

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