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  • Yes, I have used the fuccccccccccking search!

    Okay, I have recently been thinking about Indoor climbing, but I was wondering if any of you had experiences of this?
    Something I would like to do come autumn/winter.

    Where should I begin, the usual newbie questions...etc

  • Cure you insomnia first.

    I think you can do a taster lesson, check out a place near me its the Westway Sports Centre­imbing/climbing_prices_and_programmes/cl­imb_price_adult_prog_getting_started/cli­mb_price_adult_prog_getting_started_tast­er_session.htm

    and then there is one in North London

    Hope someone can give you more advice on the equipment needed though.

  • try boulderng, you'll have to hire a lot less equipment, and you'll be able to try more problems. take a friend with you and work together, you'll find it a lot more fun. Also first time you go see if you can get a little coaching, even just half an hour, you won't regret it, although climbing is pretty intuitive there are plently of a basic little techniques that make a lot of difference. eg standing on your toes parallel to the wall, keeping your arms straight where possible to avoid wasting too much strength, keeping your balance by having your higher arm on the opposing side to your higher leg etc.

    Also be prepared to get a serious habit, climbing is addictive.

  • westway do a ladies only tuition evening that's really popular.

    or alternatively myself and a few others go down every monday and most thurs, welcone to come along and ummm show you the ropes...

  • I used to do it few years ago and actually been meaning to get back into it, it's really fun there's a great wall in Mile End (East) They do inductions, short courses etc.
    When it comes to equipment, a pair of half decent shoes is your main priority. I've got a pair of
    Red Chilli's had them for 5 years now and they are still going strong. For a new pair you are usually looking at ~60 quid. The most important thing to remember when you are getting a pair is to get a size smaller than your street size. Some manufacturers adjust the size in relation to the street shoe some don't so it's important to try them out (Screw ebay in that instance).
    The rest you can hire for a nominal fee i.e. harness, belay device, krab (karabiner) etc.

    Great resource:

  • Used to go to the Castle by Finsbury Park a couple of times a week with the misses, before our daughter was born. They do a great starter corse for a few weeks which means you meet enough people to find somone to climb with regularly.

    I have not been now for a couple of years now, but I should drag myself back down there at some point. It is one of those sports where you can taylor the degree of dificulty so even as a beginer you can enjoy it and keep increasing the level of challange you set yourself.

    Now where did I put that harness and my shoes..........

  • mile end climbing wall
    i'm sure there was a little bunch on here who used to do it ?


  • come to the castle, if i'm not on a bike I'm on a wall.

    i warn you it's pretty expensive compared to most places in london but it's also pretty good.
    though it gets disgustingly busy weekday evenings.

  • near London Bridge station:

  • I did the 2 session course at westway, which was excellent! Been away since then so haven't managed to get back.

    If someones free mon->thurs next week and fancy a climb @ westway, PM me :)

  • Most indoor climing centres will have shoes and harnesses for hire when you start out. If you decide you want to do it regularly it's worth investing in your own shoes, harness and belay device. I'd really recommend buying these things new and actually trying them on in a shop with someone who knows about fitting climbing gear. You'll see some really flashy expensive climbing shoes for sale but these won't be the most suitable if you're just starting out, your first rock shoes shouldn't be too soft or have too aggressive a shape to them.

    Lots of climbing centres have their own shops, Snow + Rock do climbing gear and have a few shops in London as well (see

    Red Chili Durangos or Sausalitos are good to start with, as are Scarpa Vantages. DMM Bugs are good belay devices for indoor climbing, I had a Black Diamond VC Pro but found it jammed up a bit on fat fluffy climbing centre ropes.

  • Best advice is to go and do an intro course at your local wall (in your case, probably Westway). Then go to a proper climbing shop (Rock On and Urban Rock come to mind) to get your bits, because the people there know what they're talking about. And enjoy!

  • Thanks guys :D

  • sorta unrelated, but small boulder in shorditch park will be there tonight, ciao but arch is good for indoor climb

  • Just saw this Lemondragonfly, thanks for the heads up though

  • Damn missed it too. Damn my sleep! Just woke up :/

  • Tsk!
    Just looked at westway, they have good prices for disabled people, so going to give it a go in two weeks time (funds permitting)

    Thanks again for giving me good advice, and hippy, sorry I used the wrong words whilst searching :(

  • Sorry for the lack of forewarning, but i was headed there after i got out of work. Umm I just boulder, so my views are kinda bias, but arch=really good for that, but a bit crazy to get into between 6 and 9 pm but every other time its pretty chill and quiet, small, but good. The castle, really tall walls, lots or rope work and lead climbing, but like 11 pounds after 2 pm or some crap, and mile end, good all around, lots of power type moves though, but huge tall bouldering walls, and a cool fo-outdoor bit. and then the boulder in shorditch park, small but the four faces basically have a full rang of routs, and its free, just need shoes.

  • Interesting, now Im spolit for choice, I read the other threads that Hippy linked earlier, and seems the castle is popular with some of you than the westways?

    I have tried abseiling a few times, but preferred the climbing teaser I've done once or twice aboard in Portugal

  • Also, if you're interested, i'm a tree surgeon, climbing big fuck off trees on rope and harness is way more fun than indoor climbing.
    Pretty easy to learn as well, just gotta ride out to the country so you dont get busted

  • i also used to frequent the castle, its ace

  • I think Id better start on doing indoor first.. and if I get bored, then might venture outside :P

  • i generally find rock climbing outdoor to be a cold, miserable, painful affair. portland island in december was pretty fun but too cold to really do anything. ended up climbing up boat cranes and leaning into the crazy winds.
    tree climbing rocks cos you get to go to the woods and chase squirrels around the tree. that and make huge stupid rope swings

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Indoor climbing

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