Anybody from Belfast?

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  • I'll be there, goin to get some pics n try to get a blog goin so there is somewhere to put info about rides,meets,beers etc. I'll be on a beater dawes conversion with a load of stickers on it :)

  • woop woop, looks like there is way more fixie heads in belfast than i thought! Im the one with the white velocitys, green bike and asking if anyone can do wheelies... Tomorrow, 6 oclock at the Albert Clock there is a ride round town to show the city how little cycle lanes ect there is in Belfast. "Bring an air horn and boombox" is what i was told :).

    think i might have seen your bike, green with gold on the front end?

  • I'm heading back to London next Thursday but would love to go for a ride around Belfast with some of you guys before that, definitely have to keep an eye on this thread.

  • Had a cousin who lived in 55b....

  • @mmccarthy

    we're leaving at 6pm custom house square on wednesday - join us

  • @mmccarthy

    we're leaving at 6pm custom house square on wednesday - join us

    Would love to but the bikes will be packed up and getting posted on Wed ><

  • meeting at custom house sq tonight at 6 :)

  • oh I just noticed this...

    BOUT YE!


  • lol.. :) take it your from bfast then?

  • nah Scotland, but when McCarthy was over at west beers in London I had everyone start a conversation with BOUT YE ..think he found it funny the first 12 times ;)

  • Been riding fixed in Belfast for nearly 2 years. In and out to work everyday mainly. Only been out with the guys that meet up once but I know a fair few of them and we have a good few customers into it too.
    Gonna try and make more of an effort and get out this Wednesday night if its on.

  • It is on on Wed as usual, 6pm custom house sq. There is talk of tryin to get a game of polo goin sometime soon too, should be a laugh. What you ridin?

  • Just picked up my new bike last week - custom painted Terry Dolan track.

    Cool, I'll be down on Wednesday and will try and bring a few others down too.

  • Looks cool. I cant make Wed as i'm workin late but i'll keep an eye out for you. I'll not miss you on the orange bike :)

  • I will be goin for a ride along the tow path prob to Lisburn and back. Leaving from cutters wharf (outside the bar) at 3 tomorrow. Anybody who is interested is more than welcome to come along. (will be a pretty sedate pace as my gf will be comming too).


  • Critical mass tonight, 6:30, Custom House SQ.

  • Hey guys seen a sick fixed gear outside a music shop today down by castle court/art collage direction! Names to faces? Getting my bike shortly just waiting for it to get delievered & will be crusing about botanic ave if anyone sees me just halla! Much luv johnty

  • I'm up and down Botanic all the time, just give me a shout if you see me. What bike you gettin?

  • Coleraine my man now living in Newcastle

  • usual wednesday evening ride from custom house tomorrow. 6ish start. c'mon! it's not winter yet.

  • Anybody headin out tonight. I'm not workin for a change :)

  • yeah alex is back as well as joe. i'll be down. tim might be. forecast isn't too bad. up for this!

  • cool, i'll def be there. got a new bike so i'm itching to get out for a spin :)

  • Another good ride - strong numbers and no texting!
    Same again next wednesday... and then we have 'critical mask' on the 30th.

  • Yea, it was a great turn out, and the route we took was really good. Roll on next week and critical mask.

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Anybody from Belfast?

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