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  • The deliciously copyright infringing daicon iv anime is pretty detailed =]­W-8

  • Just settling down with an afternoon ice-cream to watch some Demon Slayer, I'm on ep13, it's shit. I don't recommend it.
    Buut, I'm deep into it now so won't give up.

    Yet to find a single Netflix original "anime" that isn't shite basic storytelling with some ingredients that someone thinks needs to be in every single anime and crappy cel shaded art.

    I did watch all of Baki though, which went downhill after S1

  • Also just finished it. It could have been good, but then has bizarre tonal shifts and incredibly irritating characters that ruin it. Liked the premise, might be worth reading the manga.

  • All the straight to Netflix anime is bad, but I'll still watch it. Baki season 1 was the best, only downhill from there. Kengan Ashura is very similar.
    Demon Slayer is fine, it's very generic. I rewatched all of Samurai Champloo recently and DS doesn't hold a candle to it. I'll still watch the new season when it comes out. I also watched Goblin Slayer and that's real shit.

  • Feels like it could make a good video game actually. Something Devil May Cry-esque

  • Ah yeah i did also finish Kengan Ashura. Don't rate it much though.

  • Might have to rewatch Champloo now that Cowboy Bepop isn't there anymore. Still need to finish rewatching Neon Genesis.

  • I was also disappointed at how much worse 1PM was in season 2.
    There's a season 3 in its way, hopefully it'll sort it self out 🤞🏼

  • Guys , PLEASE do yourselves a favor and take a look at SHIGURUI: DEATH FRENZY.....amazing­5021

  • There's a new Neon Genesis film coming out at some point. I rewatched the series recently but not the films. Need to do that.

  • Just started watching Monogatari. I think this might be a mistake. It's quite good but I cannot in good conscience recommend it to anyone.

    Meow Meow Japanese History on the other hand is very good:­eow-japanese-history

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Manga/Anime and animated films

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