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  • Ok, so I know there are lots of threads about music and films and stuff but couldn't really find much on manga and animated films. I am a big fan of animated films and I'm sure there are others on the forum who feel the same. I wanted to start this thread to see what everyone is watching and to maybe recommend to others what your favourites are etc.. There are the obvious ones such as spirited away and other studio ghibli stuff, and belleville rendezvous on the european front. I am quite eager to see waltz with bashir and persopolis as well, have heard good things about these films. One of my favourites though is a film called tekkonkinkreet, the animation in it is great: YouTube - Tekkon Kinkreet Opening

    So what is everyone watching?

  • dont really know much about these type of films, films are my winter occupation.
    do know that this band is doing it for me bigstyle at the moment, its not everyones cup of tea but I like it. Especially like the child flying on the beast section.
    YouTube - Boards of Canada - skyliner

  • Waltz with bashir was ok. Didn't think the story was as strong as it could have been although there were some excellent bits.

    Love all of the studio ghibli films (exept tales from earthsea), a lot of the animation is hardly groudbraking but the stories are fantastic. Bellville rendezvous is an absolutely fantasic film; could watch that again and again.

  • YouTube - Boards of Canada - skyliner

    That is from Studio Ghiblis most well known film; Spirited Away. Really good film

  • Tekkon Kinkreet is awesome - great soundtrack by Plaid.
    Sky Blue is visually beautiful too…

    YouTube - Sky Blue Movie Trailer

  • not really anime per se but I am loving this trailer for tr2n, brings back childhood memories of light cycles and frisbees which could kill...
    YouTube - Tron Legacy (Tron 2 / Tr2n) Concept Teaser HD

    in terms of manga/anime, spirited away is great, just beautifully told and animated. Saw Persepolis, and the early stuff when she's a child are just gorgeously evocative, much better than the stroppy teenager stuff.
    I'm supposed to be catching up on samurai champoo, which a friend lent me a couple of years back, and I managed to download afro samurai, which was intriguing, visually, and conceptually, but just a bit flat in the story, not sure whether it was the translation into english or whether it was that way in the original japanese.

    anyway akira, got to love akira, kind of what got me into manga/anime in the first place. clown bike fight! Go Kaneda!!

    YouTube - akira bike war

  • @Hellomiles - have you seen FLCL? I got into anime series after running out of good films - Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade is my favorite, after Akira (bit obvious but still the original & best) - and I rate FLCL as the best out there, alongside Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop (all by the same studio I believe.

  • Watched a few back in the days. My all time favourite include Akira (naturally), Ghost in the Shell (obviously), Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Ninja Scroll, but the thing I love the most is Neon Genesis Evangelion, total owange!

  • Whatever happens, I'm with the Pervy Sage (of Naruto fame)

    Pein Vs Jiraiya ( Fan Animation) - Video

  • doing it demon style with Urotsukidoji

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    seriously twisted viewing

  • ... but the thing I love the most is Neon Genesis Evangelion, total owange!

    They're in the process of creating a series of 4 films based on, and moving on from, the original series. Haven't seen any yet, two have been release and I don't know if they've been subbed yet. Read about it on wiki - Rebuild of Evangelion.

    For manga (recently been getting the urge to read this shit again), check out

  • Tekkon Kinkreet is awesome - great soundtrack by Plaid.

    Yes, good spotting sir! I have the soundtrack on my ipod.

    @Hellomiles - have you seen FLCL?

    Can't say I have, will definately give it a look. Have you seen steamboy? Its by the same people that did Akira, it's set in a pseudo victorian London. I was told it is the highest budget manga film ever.

  • steamboy the animations lush, but the stories non existent...
    disappointed to say the least

  • And Rock Lee.

    YouTube - Rock Lee VS. Gaara Full Fight Part (1/3)

    Oh god that brings back memories. The last thing I expected to find on this forum was Narutards :p

    Yeah, I don't like to admit it but I've watched my fair share of annie-may. Tekkon Kinkreet was absolutely stunning visually and the story was pretty awesome too, think I'd need to watch it again though. Obviously Akira is an all time favourite, as well as Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away. I also enjoyed the film Blood: The last vampire - I believe they've made it into a feature length live action film? The animation for the original was breathtaking. I've also dipped in and out of Love Hina (lol), One Piece, Bleach and Death Note and frustratingly got hooked on Naruto. Still read the weekly scanlations every Friday.

    I'm so lonely.

  • I have watched tekkon kinkreet so many times, and I still find something new each time I watch it, the animation is so different to the usual manga that is out there. I haven't seen much of One Piece but my friends in Japan always send over weird cartoon stuff and toys from tv series and stuff like that.

  • Have you watched the Animatrix? One of the short films from that was produced by the same studio as Tekkon Kinkreet in a similar style of animation. It really is an amazing 10 mins of animation, definitely worth watching whether you like the Matrix or not.

  • Yeah I have, is it the one with the guy skating?

  • I've seen a few things here and there, my friend is really into Anime films so it's him who recommends stuff. I'm really into Full Metal Alchemist at the moment, I also love the classic Akira. Steamboy was good too, I really enjoyed that film.

  • Does anybody have the original Fist Of The North Star film? (not the live action rubbish, but the one from 1986-ish)
    I've been trying to track it down for years but can't seem to find it anywhere!

    Anybody? Bueller?…

  • Studio Ghibli, Grave of the Fireflies is one of my favourite films.

    Serial Experiments Lain is well worth watching too.

  • Yeah I have, is it the one with the guy skating?

    That's one of them, I think that was an American studio though. You can watch Beyond in reasonably high quality here:

    YouTube - ANIMATRIX : BEYOND best quality

    ...but obviously I would recommend trying to track down the DVD as all of the animation styles are really unique and interesting. I think there's 9 different shorts, you can watch 4 of them on the animatrix website.

    @ VeeVee - Grave of the Fireflies was absolutely stunning, but made me cry like a baby. The ending was relentlessly upsetting, not sure I could bring myself to watch it again.

  • I've got to say, that I absolutely loved AFRO-SAMURAI. The whole badass-nigga concept, with modern urban hardcore music and even harder edgier action.­rai-trailer

    Afro Samurai Resurrection Trailer - Video Dailymotion@@AMEPARAM@@http://www.dailym­

  • cool animation, voice by samuel L jackson and music by the RZA what more could you ask for

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Manga/Anime and animated films

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